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We have an extensive and varied portfolio of IP67 connectors and products. IP67 means the product is dust-tight and offers reliable and effective protection should it be immersed.

Degrees of Protection - First Digit

The degree to which people are protected against contact with moving parts and the level of protection to prevent solid foreign bodies entering an enclosure is shown by an IP code's first digit.

Degrees of Protection - Second Digit

The second digit of the IP code reveals the degree of protection against dripping, submersion and other forms of moisture regarding the equipment inside the enclosure.

77 items match your criteria:

Connectors for the food industry

binder Snap-in Subminiature (620 Series)

Snap-in Miniature (720 Series) thumbnail

binder Snap-in Miniature (720 Series)

Binder Bayonet NCC Subminiature Connectors (670 Series) - Industrial Connectors

binder Bayonet NCC Subminiature (670 Series)

Binder Bayonet NCC Miniature Connectors (770 Series)

binder Bayonet NCC Miniature (770 Series)

Binder RD24 Power Connectors (692, 693)

binder RD24 Power (692, 693 Series)

CONEC IP67 Waterproof D-Sub Standard & High Density

CONEC IP67 Waterproof D-Sub Standard & High Density Series

CONEC IP67 Waterproof D-Sub Combination

CONEC IP67 Waterproof D-Sub Combination Series

CONEC D-Sub Hoods & Accessories

CONEC D-Sub Hoods & Accessories

CONEC IP67 RJ45 Industrial Ethernet

CONEC IP67 RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Series

HARTING Han® Connectors

HARTING Han® Series

HARTING Han-Modular® Connectors

HARTING Han-Modular® Series

HARTING HAN-modular Domino

HARTING Han-Modular® Domino Series

HARTING M8 Connectors

HARTING M8 A-Coded Series

HARTING m12 Series - Industrial Connectors from Northern Connectors

HARTING M12 Series

HARTING M12 Stainless Steel (INOX) Connectors

HARTING M12 Stainless Steel Series

HARTING 7-8 Connectors

HARTING 7/8" Series

Harting M23 connectors

HARTING M23 Signal, Power & Hybrid Series

Harting PushPull V4

HARTING Push-Pull Industrial V4 Series

HARTING Han® F+B Connectors

HARTING Han® F+B Series

HARTING Har-Port Ethernet & USB Service Interfaces

HARTING Har-Port Series

HARTING D-Sub Connectors, Housings & Accessories

HARTING D-Sub Connectors, Housings & Accessories

HARTING Industrial RJ45 Ethernet Connectors

HARTING Industrial RJ45 Ethernet Series

HUMMEL M12 Connectors - Power (S, T, K & L-Coded)

HUMMEL M12 Power Series

HUMMEL M16 Connectors

HUMMEL M16 Signal & Power Series

HUMMEL M23 Connectors

HUMMEL M23 Signal Series

HUMMEL M23 Connectors

HUMMEL M23 Power & Hybrid Series

HUMMEL M23 RJ45 Connectors

HUMMEL M23 RJ45 Series

Hummel M23 Fast Ethernet PoE Connectors

HUMMEL M23 Fast Ethernet PoE Series

HUMMEL M16 & M23 Stainless Steel Connector Housings

HUMMEL M16 & M23 Stainless Steel Connector Housing Series

HUMMEL M27 Connectors

HUMMEL M27 Signal Series

HUMMEL M40 Connectors

HUMMEL M40 Power Series

HUMMEL Hazardous Area Cable Glands

HUMMEL EXIOS Series (Heavy Duty Hazardous Area Cable Glands)

Lumberg Automation M8 Connectors

Lumberg Automation M8 A-Coded Series

Lumberg Automation M12 Connectors

Lumberg Automation M12 A-Coded

M12 X-Coded thumbnail

Lumberg Automation M12 X-Coded

Lumberg Automation M8 & M12 Washdown Connectors

Lumberg Automation M8 & M12 Washdown Series

Lumberg Automation 7, 8 Connectors

Lumberg Automation 7/8" Series

Lumberg Automation M23 Connectors

Lumberg Automation M23 Series

Lumberg Automation Two Way Distributors T-Connectors

Lumberg Automation Two Way Distributors / T-Connectors Series

Lumberg Automation Passive Distribution Box ASB

Lumberg Automation ASB Series (Passive Distribution Boxes)

Lumberg Automation IO Modules Active - Stand Alone (LioN Series)

Lumberg Automation LioN Series

Lumberg Automation IO Systems Active - Modular (LioN-Link Series)

Lumberg Automation LioN-Link Series

Binder Push-Pull Miniature Connectors 440 series

binder Push-Pull Miniature (440 Series)

Souriau UTS Series

Souriau UTS Series

Souriau UTO Series

Souriau UTO Series

Binder Micro Push-Pull Subminiature Connectors (420 Series)

binder Push-Pull Micro (420 Series)

binder Push-Pull Subminiature Connectors (430 Series)

binder Push-Pull Subminiature (430 Series)

Binder M9 IP67 Subminiature Connectors (712, 702 Series)

binder M9 IP67 (712, 702 Series)

Binder M16 IP67 Miniature Connectors (423, 723, 425)

binder M16 IP67 (423, 723, 425 Series)

Binder M5 Sensor & Automation Connectors 707

binder M5 (707 Series)

Binder M8 Sensor & Automation Connectors (768, 718)

binder M8 A-Coded (768, 718 Series)

Binder M12-A Coded Sensor & Automation Connectors (713, 763)

binder M12-A Coded (713, 763 Series)

Souriau CLipper Series

Souriau Clipper Series

Souriau VGE1 - FER1 Series

Souriau VGE1 - FER1 Series

Binder M12-B Coded Sensor & Automation Connectors (715, 766)

binder M12-B Coded (715, 766 Series)

Binder M12-D M12-X Coded Sensor & Automation Connectors (825, 876)

binder M12 D-Coded / M12 X-Coded (825, 876 Series)

Binder M18 Sensor & Automation Connectors 714

binder M18 (714 Series)

binder 7,8” Sensor & Automation Connectors (820, 870)

binder 7/8” (820, 870 Series)

Binder M12 A-Coded Connectors for Food & Beverage Applications

binder M12 A-Coded Food & Beverage Series

Binder Bayonet NCC Miniature Connectors for Medical Applications 770

binder Bayonet NCC Miniature (770 Medical Application Series)

Binder Snap-in Miniature Connectors for Medical Applications  720

binder Snap-in Miniature (720 Medical Application Series)

Binder Snap-in Subminiature Connectors for Medical Applications 620

binder Snap-in Subminiature (620 Medical Application Series)

Hirschmann CA Series

Hirschmann CA Series

Hirschmann CM Series

Hirschmann CM Series

Mennekes Wall Mounted Sockets

Mennekes Wall Mounted Socket Connectors

Mennekes Wall Mounted Inlet

Mennekes Wall Mounted Inlet Connectors

Mennekes Panel Mounted Sockets

Mennekes Panel Mounted Sockets

Mennekes Panel Mounted Inlet

Mennekes Panel Mounted Inlet Connectors

Mennekes IP67 Plugs

Mennekes Cable Plugs IP67

Mennekes IP67 Connectors

Mennekes Cable Connectors IP67

Hirschmann M12 A-Coded Cable Connectors

Hirschmann M12 A-Coded Cable Connectors (E-Series)

PBC15 Power (615 Series) thumbnail

binder PBC15 Power (615 Series)

M8 D-Coded (818 Series) thumbnail

binder M8 D-Coded (818 Series)

M16 X-Coded (415 Series) thumbnail

binder M16 X-Coded (415 Series)

M12 S-Coded / M12 K-Coded (814, 824 Series) thumbnail

binder M12 S-Coded / M12 K-Coded (814, 824 Series)

M12 T-Coded / M12 L-Coded (813, 823 Series) thumbnail

binder M12 T-Coded / M12 L-Coded (813, 823 Series)

Adapters & Connecting Cables thumbnail

binder Adapters & Connecting Cables

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