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We provide various products with a protection rating of IP44. This means the product is able to effectively safeguard against entry by solid objects with a diameter or thickness greater than 1.0mm and protects against splashed water. Our products with an IP44 characteristic include combination units, wall-mounted sockets and inlets, as well as chemical-resistant combination units.

Degrees of Protection - First Digit

The IP code helps to show a product's levels of protection. The first digit of the code shows the level of protection against both contact with moving parts and against the intrusion into an enclosure of solid foreign bodies.

Degrees of Protection - Second Digit

The second digit in the code shows the degree to which the equipment inside the enclosure is safeguarded from the entry of various forms of moisture, such as spraying and dripping.

What Our Customers Say

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“I am writing to your company today to say a very big thank you, I mainly speak to Fran she is such a lovely lady, nothing is to much trouble and your assembly workers are brilliant they have very kindly fitted in many urgent orders for me over the years and always deliver on time.

I love working with your company it is excellent so please say a very big thank you to all your staff, they have done you proud.”

Woods, Essex
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“Once again many thanks for your very good service response, I wish I could say all companies we deal with are like this, but sadly that is not always the case!”

Combstock, Hereford

Long Term, Flexible Call-Offs

We can facilitate your Kanban, Just-in-Time requirements and schedule orders over a 12 month period, supporting contracts that require that extra level of support and taking advantage of secure pricing levels and stock availability.

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