From humble beginnings in the audio industry more than 50 years ago the M16 connector has become a go-to industrial solution for many indoor and outdoor applications including contemporary communication and security systems.
Our partners binder have a huge portfolio of configurations which has allowed this series of multipin circulars to flourish and this flexibility gives engineers the opportunity for consistency and familiarity across a variety of projects.   
M16 connectors, defined by their mating thread size which is M16 x 0.75, were originally designed to meet the requirements of the German Institute for Standardisation (defined as the standard for circulars) for analogue audio signals. These variants were used widely for many years and were known in the audio industry and to consumers as DIN connectors. 
Although the M16 connector is still available in its original unshielded IP40 DIN format, today’s portfolio is very much different to the early audio offerings. The range has been driven forward by market demands for lower contact resistance, higher pin counts and greater ingress protection.
Binder M16 Connector Family
Stability & durability 
binder M16 connectors are capable of accommodating 2-24 silver or gold plated contacts, are usually housed in robust metal bodies with or without shielding from electromechanical interference (EMI), and can provide environmental protection up to IP68.      
The M16 range is capable of accommodating cables ranging from 4 -10mm diameter, is rated to 250v and has a current carrying capacity of up to 7A per pin (at 40°C).
With increasing requirements from equipment manufacturers for shielding against EMI, more applications now require shielded cable systems to protect circuitry. For optimal results, 360 degrees shielding is required and this is achieved by integral shielding rings, providing a high attenuation over a large frequency band. 
Protection against dust & water ingress is rated at IP40 for entry level connectors, and the use of elastomeric seals and O-rings provides protection to IP67 while providing high levels of chemical resistance for the more robust options.
Further information             
For more information on M16 connectors please see the M16 IP40 and M16 IP67 product pages.
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