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Northern Connectors provides a wide range of products offering a protection rating of IP65, which means the products are dust-tight and safeguarded from any water that can be projected from a nozzle. Our products with an IP65 characteristic include automation products, cable glands, USB service interfaces, and ethernet components.

Degrees of Protection - First Digit

An IP code's first digit demonstrates the degree that persons are safeguarded against both contact with moving parts – excluding smooth rotating shafts and similar parts – and the level of protection preventing solid foreign bodies from intruding into an enclosure.

Degrees of Protection - Second Digit

The second digit of an IP code indicates the level of protection that equipment inside the enclosure receives regarding the entry of various forms of moisture, including spraying and dripping.

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An IP65 connector to suit every need

Here at Northern Connectors, we have a wide range of IP65 connectors available to purchase from trusted manufacturers, including binder, HARTING, Hirschmann, HUMMEL, and Souriau.

Whether you’re looking for an IP65 connector to replace a damaged part or you need the mating half to an item you already have, we’re confident we can help.

From robust metal-shelled rectangular connectors like the Han-Modular Series to the 7/8” Series multi-pin circular connector and the Push-Pull Industrial V4 Series, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A rectangular  IP65 connector incorporates a lever-locking system. This particularly robust style is often used in the production and automotive industries, as it’s highly resistant to shock and vibration.

An IP65 circular connector, on the other hand, is typically designed for the toughest applications and boasts threaded coupling (screw locking). With multiple pins or sockets that slot into the opposite part, turning the coupling ring will engage the threads.

Push-pull connectors within this range are a must for applications that require high levels of reliability, connecting and disconnecting quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, M12 circular connectors can endure stressful environments, making them an excellent option for power conditioning, remote processing, and robotic control systems.

Need an IP65 connector that’s rugged, yet smaller and more compact than the M12 series? Look no further than M8 connectors. These are capable of withstanding shock and vibrations and are often used in medical devices, electronic gauges, and data sensors.

Order IP65 connectors online

Be sure to check out our range of IP65-rated waterproof connectors in full at Northen Connectors today.

When you click on the different products, you’ll find out more about their specifications, along with a downloadable brochure containing detailed information about the IP65 connector.

Once you’ve identified the perfect connector for your needs, request a personalised quote by calling us on 01744 815 001.

Alternatively, click on the ‘Quick Quote’ button on the right-hand side of your screen. Fill out your details, including your name, company name, postcode, contact number, and email address, and let us know which parts you require and how many.

If you have any questions about our IP65 connector range or you need an expert opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact the specialists at Northern Connectors.

Technical expertise is just a click away. For rapid service & personalised support, complete the following form or call 01744 815 001

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I love working with your company it is excellent so please say a very big thank you to all your staff, they have done you proud.”

Woods, Essex
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“Once again many thanks for your very good service response, I wish I could say all companies we deal with are like this, but sadly that is not always the case!”

Combstock, Hereford

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