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Hirschmann connectors
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Hirschmann is a long-standing German manufacturer of industrial automation, networking, and communications systems, operating under American parent company Belden since its acquisition in 2007. At Northern Connectors, we have been supplying Hirschmann products since 2000, enabling us to provide a selection of Hirschmann interconnect solutions in the UK.

If you are looking for high-quality connector solutions that offer great value, browse our range of Hirschmann connectors today. By shopping with Northern Connectors, you can benefit from fast shipping and great service, as well as tailored advice on technical matters.

We stock Hirschmann's innovative solutions for a wide range of different applications, with various designs and cable management products available to suit your needs. If you need advice on choosing the right product, our team of technical specialists are on hand to support you.

Browse our range of robust connectors from Hirschmann below. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, you can call us on 01744 815 001 or complete our enquiry form and we will reply at our nearest opportunity.

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What are the benefits of using Hirschmann products?

Hirschmann, first founded in 1924 and a Belden cabling brand since 2007, is known for providing signal transmission solutions that combine innovation and connectivity. Delivering robust connector products for various sectors and applications, with a focus on great quality and appealing value, they set the standard for durable cabling solutions where a reliable connection is required in harsh operating conditions.

The Hirschmann product range is also extremely broad, encompassing a wide variety of specifications. Users can select the pin count, IP rating, and temperature ranges according to their specific needs, with a choice of termination methods including screw, crimp, or pre-moulded cables. There's a suitable cable security solution for most configurations in the Hirschmann industrial connector portfolio. 

Where are Hirschmann products suited to?

You can find Hirschmann connector solutions that are perfectly suited for various applications – not just those relying on industrial ethernet networks – including:

Hirschmann connector technology is known globally for its ability to deliver stable connections even in challenging industrial environments, so look no further if you need high-performance technology for a demanding application. You can also rest assured that the parent company, Belden, is ISO 14001 certified for environmentally responsible processes.

If you require technical support or advice on selecting the right Hirschmann connector solution for your application, get in touch with us before you buy. We make it our mission to not only supply the best quality products, but also to provide a high standard of customer support.

Why choose us?

As a UK distributor with more than 40 years of experience in our field and a close partnership with Hirschmann, we've been supplying Hirschmann connector technology to customers in the UK as an authorised distributor for over 20 years. This makes us well-placed to deliver an industry-leading customer experience every time you shop with us.

Here are some of the other key benefits of choosing Northern Connectors for your Hirschmann connectors:

  • Quality assured (ISO 9001 certification)
  • Personalised support and rapid sales service
  • Full support from manufacturers and UK technical contacts
  • Flexible call-offs and scheduled order arrangements
  • Stocked items available for next-day delivery
  • Low minimum value for orders

Our product expertise is unrivalled, and we have dedicated product specialists on hand to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to our part number identification and cross-referencing services, we can help you find the right product for your application, offering tailored advice to meet your needs either online or over the phone.

Get in touch

As experts in rugged circular and rectangular connectors, you can always count on the Northern Connectors team's reliability. We always pay attention to detail, providing tailored advice according to your particular requirements.

If you want to discuss your requirements, call us on 01744 815 001, or complete our contact form to request a call back.

Frequently asked questions

Are Hirschmann connectors and Belden connectors the same?

The Belden cabling company in the US acquired the German company Hirschmann back in 2007, retaining the Hirschmann brand to supply signal transmission equipment and Ethernet solutions, effectively making Belden its parent company.

If you are looking for connectors supplied by Belden, a range of rectangular and circular connectors are sold under the Hirschmann brand. However, Belden also acquired Lumberg Automation in 2007, and also continues to sell its metric connectors and distribution boxes as its parent company – so Hirschmann connectors are not the only connector brand under Belden.

At Northern Connectors, we have been distributing Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation products since 2000, and are authorised distributors in the UK for both Belden acquisition brands. Therefore, if you need Belden connectors, you are in the best place to find the right products for your needs – and if you need help choosing a product, you can always contact our knowledgeable team for advice.

Why choose Hirschmann industrial connectors?

The Hirschmann brand dates back to the 1920s, continuing through years of German engineering to become an internationally renowned manufacturer of connection technologies. The American manufacturer Belden is also a world leader in its sector, dating back to the early 1900s – so together, the brand and its parent company have decades of global experience in this industry sector.

Hirschmann’s range of connectors are reliable, versatile, and durable, making them ideal for rugged environments that require configurable systems with consistent high power output. Hirschmann connectors support ever-increasing data rates with innovative automation systems that minimise the risks of system failure and enhance efficiency.

The flexibility and durability of Hirschmann products allows the brand to endorse a ‘Green IT’ strategy of well-built connectors that can be re-configured and used in various applications for a long time, creating systems that often facilitate remote control options – maintaining productivity and reducing emissions as much as possible.

So, if you are in need of high-quality connectors from an environmentally conscious brand with a history of developing market-leading products, then you have found them in Hirschmann connectors distributed by Northern Connectors.

Does Hirschmann manufacture rectangular connectors?

Yes, Hirschmann’s range includes both circular connectors and rectangular connectors. Circular models are typically preferred for more compact spaces, but rectangular models are often the go-to option for robust connections thanks to their sturdy design.

At Northern Connectors, the rectangular Hirschmann connectors we supply include these models with the following features:

  • ST Series – 3-6 pin count; 6-16A current; 250-400V voltage; 4-10mm cable diameter; lever locking mechanism; IP20 or IP54 ingress protection.
  • GDM Series – 3-4 pin count; 1-16A current; 24-400V voltage; 4.5-14mm cable diameter; central screw locking mechanism; IP65 ingress protection.
  • G Series – 2-17 pin count; 6-10A current; 50-250V voltage; 4-10mm cable diameter; central screw locking mechanism; IP65 ingress protection.

These come with a variety of contact termination types and wire gauge allowances, whether male or female, but all are also available with moulded cables. 

Of course, we also supply a selection of circular Hirschmann connectors here, which include the CM Series, CA Series, NR Series, and M-12 A-Coded (E-Series) cable connectors.

Providing signal transmission solutions to protect industrial ethernet networks or any other application with high service demands is what Hirschmann does best, so you should be able to source what you need from their unparalleled set of cable management products.

Technical expertise is just a click away. For rapid service & personalised support, complete the following form or call 01744 815 001

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