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Lumberg Automation M12 X-Coded

In brief:

Compact circular connector system with industry standard IEC 61076-2-101 M12x1 screw locking interface.

Lumberg Automation M12 X-Coded cable connectors are available in 8 way with a transmission speed of up to 10 Gbit per second.

The series caters for cable OD’s of up to 9mm, has a wire gauge max. of 0.25mm² and is capable of offering IP67 ingress protection in mated state or with the use of a protection cover.

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Lumberg Automation products are among the most respected and reliable in the marketplace for automation technology

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Built for harsh industrial settings, Lumberg Automation has added M12 connectors into its industrial Ethernet portfolio. 

These robust M12 cord sets are a direct result of the growing use of supervisional systems featuring HD video surveillance, high-end vision sensors, etc., requiring reliable, high-volume communication. To offer network engineers, electricians, system integrators and machine builders the most efficient solution for establishing operationally reliable, highspeed connections in the field, the new data cordsets allow the integration of digital image processing devices, which call for big data volumes, in your factory layout. 

To ensure industrial networks are prepared for increased data demands in the future – as volumes continue to rise – these cordsets can reliably transmit up to 10 Gbit of data per second. The M12 cord sets, while sharing many similar technical features, each offer specific capabilities for certain applications:

• The BRSTS 8X-552/…M cord set is designed for use in transportation systems in rolling stocks – in accordance with Europe’s stringent DIN EN requirements – where vibration and inflammability pose constant challenges to
the consistency of transportation systems, which is an absolute must for the safety of the people traveling.

• The RSTS 8X-478/…M cord set is designed to meet the safety and quality needs of process automation, machine building and material handling applications and will also carry UL’s seal of quality in the near future.

Your Benefits
The BRSTS 8X-552/…M and RSTS 8X-478/…M cordsets employ industry proven M12 connectors for operating even when facing harsh conditions, maximizing uptime of network activity. The M12 cord sets provide secure network data transfer and flexibility with the Belden product portfolio. At a best-in-class price point, the cordsets also require little investment over time, due to minimal maintenance needs ensuring a long service life. The
benefits of these products have been made with global industry standards in mind to withstand the harshest industrial conditions across transportation, automotive and automated settings.

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