Binder M23 Power Connectors (623 Series)

Robust metal-bodied waterproof circular connector with M23x1 screw locking thread.

The M23 Power series is a solid medium sized heavy duty connector with pin counts from 6-19 allowing up to 20A per pin.


  • IP67
Full Description

Binders M23 Power connector series is a range of heavy duty waterproof multipole connectors for industrial applications. 

The M23 x 1mm interface is an industry standard and often seen across many industrial applications where power is required in demanding environments.

The M23 series offers pin counts of 6, 9, 12, 16 and 19 with various wire gauges and rated current with a top end of 2.5mm² and 20A. 

The rugged cable connectors are available in both standard and shielded option in both genders and in straight or angled orientation. Cable connectors can be mated in-line for a cable to cable/extension setup or with the mating panel connector.  

Panel receptacles are available in both jam-nut and square flanged shell type. Jam-nut receptacles require just one central hole cut-out and can be threaded or fixed with a locknut whereas square flanged receptacles require one central hole cut-out then a further screw hole in each of the four corners to fix in place. Square flanged receptacles are available in both front and rear fastened.

For a more detailed description of this connector series please see the manufacturers brochure which is available to download above.

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Features & Specification
  • No. of Contacts 6-19
  • Locking Mechanism Screw
  • Termination Solder Cup
  • Wire Gauge Max. 2.5mm²
  • Cable Diameter Range 6-10mm
  • Max. Voltage 60-250V
  • Max. Current 7.5-16A
  • Ingress Protection IP67

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