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Industrial Power Connectors

Northern Connectors is a specialist distributor of a wide range of industrial power supply connectors from leading industry manufacturers including HARTING, Hirschmann, Souriau, binder, HUMMEL and Mennekes.

You can filter our power connectors by manufacturer, locking mechanism, termination and ingress protection, with our products spanning IP40 through to IP69K to protect against the harshest environments. 

Our range also includes cable mounted plugs and sockets, as well as wall-mounted appliance inlets.

We are a proud family-run business with over 35 years of experience in our field. We are also an ISO 9001-certified business, and able to offer flexible call-off and scheduled order arrangements. 

View our power connectors below. If you’d like to speak to us about your requirements, get in touch with our expert team today on 01744 815001, use our online chat or complete an enquiry form and we will be in touch.

34 series match your criteria:

UTS Series thumbnail

Eaton - Souriau UTS Series

UTG Series thumbnail

Eaton - Souriau UTG Series

UTP Series thumbnail

Eaton - Souriau UTP Series

M23 Power Connectors (623 Series) thumbnail

binder M23 Power Connectors (623 Series)

binder Bayonet Power Connectors (690 Series) thumbnail

binder binder Bayonet Power Connectors (690 Series)

M25 Power Connectors (691 Series) thumbnail

binder M25 Power Connectors (691 Series)

RD24 Power Connectors (692, 693 Series) thumbnail

binder RD24 Power Connectors (692, 693 Series)

Bayonet HEC Power Connectors (696 Series) thumbnail

binder Bayonet HEC Power Connectors (696 Series)

binder RD30 Power Connectors (694 Series) thumbnail

binder binder RD30 Power Connectors (694 Series)

UTGX Series thumbnail

Eaton - Souriau UTGX Series

VGE1 - FER1 Series thumbnail

Eaton - Souriau VGE1 - FER1 Series

M18 Sensor & Automation Connectors (714 Series) thumbnail

binder M18 Sensor & Automation Connectors (714 Series)

7/8” Sensor & Automation Connectors (820, 870 Series) thumbnail

binder 7/8” Sensor & Automation Connectors (820, 870 Series)

Han-Modular® Connectors thumbnail

HARTING Han-Modular® Connectors

Han-Eco® Connectors thumbnail

HARTING Han-Eco® Connectors

Han® Connectors thumbnail

HARTING Han® Connectors

ST Series thumbnail

Hirschmann ST Series

CA Series thumbnail

Hirschmann CA Series

CM Series thumbnail

Hirschmann CM Series

M12 Connectors - Power (S, T, K & L-Coded) Series thumbnail

HUMMEL M12 Connectors - Power (S, T, K & L-Coded) Series

M23 Connectors Series thumbnail

Lumberg Automation M23 Connectors Series

Chemical Resistant Combination Units (AMELAN®) thumbnail

Mennekes Chemical Resistant Combination Units (AMELAN®)

IP67 Combination Units (Amaxx®) thumbnail

Mennekes IP67 Combination Units (Amaxx®)

IP44 Combination Units (Amaxx®) thumbnail

Mennekes IP44 Combination Units (Amaxx®)

Wall Mounted Sockets thumbnail

Mennekes Wall Mounted Sockets

Wall Mounted Inlet thumbnail

Mennekes Wall Mounted Inlet

Panel Mounted Sockets thumbnail

Mennekes Panel Mounted Sockets

Panel Mounted Inlet thumbnail

Mennekes Panel Mounted Inlet

IP67 Plugs thumbnail

Mennekes IP67 Plugs

IP44 Plugs thumbnail

Mennekes IP44 Plugs

IP67 Connectors Series thumbnail

Mennekes IP67 Connectors Series

IP44 Connectors Series thumbnail

Mennekes IP44 Connectors Series

M40 Connectors - Power Series thumbnail

HUMMEL M40 Connectors - Power Series

M23 Connectors - Power & Hybrid Series thumbnail

HUMMEL M23 Connectors - Power & Hybrid Series

What are power connectors used for?

Our power connectors are ideal for use in the most challenging and demanding environments, and can handle extremely high power input. Their durability means they are often used in a wide variety of industries where reliability in unreliable conditions is crucial. 

With HARTING’s Han-Modular system allowing for applications that require Signal, Power, Data and Pneumatic to be housed in the same shell, and with HUMMEL’s rugged metal IP68 M23 and M40 circular connectors, we have some fantastic choices available. 

We also have versatile and rugged product ranges from:

Our range spans the following types of locking mechanisms:

  • Bayonet
  • Lever
  • Push-fit
  • Screw
  • Toggles

While our power connectors’ termination types include: 

  • Axial screw
  • Cage clamp
  • Crimp
  • Dip-solder
  • IDC
  • Quick-lock
  • Scew
  • Screwless twincontact
  • Solder

In addition, if you would like advice on how to select a power connector fit for your specific requirements, our technical experts are here to help. 

Why choose us? 

We guarantee our customers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • ISO 9001-certified quality assurance
  • Rapid service and personalised sales support
  • UK technical contacts and full manufacturer support
  • Flexible call-off and scheduled order arrangements 
  • Next-day delivery on stocked items
  • Low minimum order value

Get in touch

To find out more about our range of industrial power connectors, get in touch with the team at Northern Connectors today. Call us on 01744 815001, use our online chat or complete an enquiry form and we can call you back.

Technical expertise is just a click away. For rapid service & personalised support, complete the following form or call 01744 815 001

What Our Customers Say

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“I am writing to your company today to say a very big thank you, I mainly speak to Fran she is such a lovely lady, nothing is to much trouble and your assembly workers are brilliant they have very kindly fitted in many urgent orders for me over the years and always deliver on time.

I love working with your company it is excellent so please say a very big thank you to all your staff, they have done you proud.”

Woods, Essex
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“Once again many thanks for your very good service response, I wish I could say all companies we deal with are like this, but sadly that is not always the case!”

Combstock, Hereford

Long Term, Flexible Call-Offs

We can facilitate your Kanban, Just-in-Time requirements and schedule orders over a 12 month period, supporting contracts that require that extra level of support and taking advantage of secure pricing levels and stock availability.

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