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The Benefits of Hirschmann ST Series Connectors


Hirschmann, a Belden brand, is well known for delivering robust connectors that provide innovative solutions for various sectors and applications, with a focus on delivering a combination of superb quality and excellent value for money.

The brand’s ST Series connectors are no exception. Suitable for any weather conditions, easy to connect and extremely reliable, these rectangular power connectors are favoured by many.

Here, we will explore some of the features that have made the ST Series such a staple in the Hirschmann and Northern Connectors portfolio for a number of years.

Hirschmann ST Series: the basics

Known for its resilience and reliability, the Hirschmann ST Series is a low-cost field wireable connector system, particularly suited for power supply and signal transmissions within industrial applications and mechanical engineering.

Below are the main features and specifications of Hirschmann ST connectors:

  • Available in 3 to 6 way variants (including PE)
  • For voltages up to 400V and currents up to 16A
  • Dust and spray water protection for high resistance
  • Approved by VDE & UL for worldwide application
  • Ingress protection class up to IP54
  • Moulded cable connectors with a variety of lengths on request
  • Additional safety through a protective metal locking bracket
  • Cable-to-panel or cable-to-cable application as standard

What are the advantages of Hirschmann’s ST Series?

With its robust and compact power features, the Hirschmann ST Series is ideally suited for power supply and signal transmission in industrial installations and mechanical engineering.

There are a number of benefits that have made the ST Series connectors a firm favourite, including the following key attributes:

  • Prepared for any weather - the ST Series connectors are especially designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor usage, e.g. rain, ozone and UV radiation
  • Easy to connect – their low installation efforts lead to increased ease of use and an efficient workflow
  • Easy to rely on – ST Series connectors are ideally suited for ruggedised, moving applications where vibrations and dust are commonplace

Conforming to IEC 60335, the latest standard for household appliances, the ST Series sets the standard in building automation applications. The robust rectangular connector has become the de-facto market standard for the motors that operate blinds and awnings, and is also frequently used in power supplies for moulding machines, medical applications and industrial lighting systems. Due to its resilience and reliability, it has become a popular choice in a variety of markets, including:

  • Building automation
  • Machine building
  • Robotics

Simple and easy to install, the ST Series performs exceptionally well, even under extreme conditions. With a protection class of IP54, the connectors are protected from vibrations and resistant to sprayed water, as well as being simple and easy to install.

Find out more

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