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What are the Benefits of OMNIMATE® 4.0 SNAP IN connectors?


Wondering about the latest developments from pioneering German manufacturers Weidmüller? 

Maybe you heard their SNAP IN technology won the German Innovation Award 2022 for its user-focused value, or you’re interested in the way the OMNIMATE® 4.0 range provides a new solution for device developers looking for quick and easy connection technology.

Combining efficient wire connections with modular product design, here’s what you need to know about Weidmüller OMNIMATE® 4.0 SNAP IN connectors.

Fast and tool-free

Weidmüller offers maximum wiring speeds with fast and safe SNAP IN technology, making assembly and maintenance of connections as easy as a snap of your fingers.

Their wire-ready arrival with open clamping terminal points allows you to assemble connections immediately, with no tools or time-consuming wire-end crimping.

Even fully automated processes or flexible conductors without ferrules are easy to connect without requiring tools, taking re-wiring to a new level of efficiency.

Intuitive handling with feedback

OMNIMATE® 4.0 SNAP IN technology makes handling a breeze, as you can use the top flange with one hand to fix the product in place and prevent unwanted disconnection.

You can be confident that the connection is engaged and secure thanks to the optical and acoustic signals that confirm the clamping situation.

A green visual safety indicator shows that proper wiring is in operation, while an audible ‘click’ noise also affirms that your connection is complete.

Versatile applications

Following the ‘one cable technology’ trend, OMNIMATE® 4.0 products have a modular concept that enables you to configure a range of combinations.

Combining different signal, data, and power connections with rapid SNAP IN technology can reduce cabling, speed up automation, and simplify maintenance.

By integrating the latest technologies, including single-pair ethernet alongside SNAP IN, the scalability of these products makes them practically futureproof. 

How do OMNIMATE® 4.0 SNAP IN connectors work?

Weidmüller’s ‘ready to robot’ wire termination technology requires no tools on the cable/wire end – you simply strip the wire jacket and push the wire into the cavity. 

  • Step 1: Insert the stripped conductor into the open contact point (no further preparation needed).
  • Step 2: The conductor should trigger the contact point with an audible click, and an increase in pusher height should also visually signal the successful connection.
  • Step 3: Press the pusher to activate the lever and release the conductor (the contact point will be pre-loaded for further wiring).

This simple ‘mousetrap’ principle can create and dismantle connections in record time, allowing you to make automated wiring processes a reality.

Order OMNIMATE® 4.0 Signal Connectors today

Now you know how efficient these Weidmüller connectors are, and how their simplicity could transform your business, why not place an order with Northern Connectors today?

Check out the selection of Weidmüller OMNIMATE® 4.0 Signal Connectors on our website, or view the OMNIMATE® 4.0 Signal Series brochure for more detailed specifications.

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