Hirschmann CA Series Connectors - Industries

When it comes to finding robust, reliable circular connectors for your industrial application, sometimes a tried-and-tested solution works just as well as a brand new innovation. Hirschmann’s CA Series of circular connectors are a testament to this, having delivered reliable power transmission for industrial applications for more than 30 years.

This lightweight connector range, manufactured by Belden through their trusted Hirschmann brand name, offers a selection of circular cable and panel connectors that are specially optimised to deliver rugged performance in even the most demanding applications. They are known for their versatility and user-friendly qualities and are commonly used in a wide range of industrial environments.

Here, we will explore some of the outstanding qualities that have helped the CA Series to become such a perennial mainstay of the Hirschmann and Northern Connectors portfolio for so many years.

Hirschmann CA Series: the basics

The Hirschmann CA Series was designed to be an all-rounder, providing a straightforward, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity solution that offers secure protection in tough environments through the use of a simple screw-locking mechanism.

When mated, the connector system provides IP67-standard protection even against water and industrial fluids. What’s more, the Hirschmann CA Series offers user-friendly termination and quick assembly and is versatile enough to be deployed across various different sectors.

Below are the main features and specifications of the Hirschmann CA connectors:

• Available in 4 and 7-pin variants
• IP67 ingress protection
• Screw and solder termination
• 2.5mm² wire gauge maximum
• 6-12mm cable diameter range
• 250-400V maximum voltage
• 10-16A maximum current
• Available in straight or angled orientation
• Optional protection cap to remain sealed when unmated

What are the advantages of Hirschmann’s CA Series?

The design qualities and range of configurations available for the Hirschmann CA Series mean these circular connectors are able to deliver a number of essential advantages for users in multiple sectors.

Here are just some of the benefits that have made the CA Series a perennial favourite:

• Compact dimensions for versatile use in various applications
• Integrated strain relief, vibration resistance, and reliable transmission properties even under high stress
• Robust ingress protection even in wet, dusty, or harsh environments
• Easy to connect, assemble and handle, even when wearing gloves
• Simple installation with few components
• Plastic design offers lightweight build and corrosion resistance

Thanks to the sheer versatility of the CA Series connectors, they have become widely used in a variety of industrial applications, including:

• Automation
• Control and drive technology
• Environmental technology
• Hydraulics and pneumatics
• Infrastructure
• Logistics
• Machine building and construction
• Material handling
• Measurement and control
• Plant and mechanical engineering
• Renewable energy
• Traffic control technology

The devices are regularly employed for control cable connections in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and machinery construction, or in testing and inspection devices within the environmental technology sector.  Their ability to withstand even the toughest environmental conditions means they are suitable for almost any application.

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