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Advantages of CONEC D-SUB Combination connectors

Introduced around 70 years ago, the D-subminiature connector may be a standard rectangular connector, but the ‘D shape’ of its flanged mating face drastically simplified the ability to achieve the correct orientation quickly and safely every time. 

While humble D-sub connectors are widely known for being dependable, brands like CONEC are changing the game once again by designing CONEC D-SUB Combination connectors

These connectors address the problem of having to use multiple interfaces by allowing combinations of different types of contacts, without having to change the shape or dimensions.

Here’s why these CONEC D-SUB connectors offer such a convenient solution for applications requiring power, signal, and coaxial connections in the same shell.

A wide variety of contact types

With pin counts ranging from 2 to 47 and the capacity to carry currents up to 40A, this type of CONEC connector is available with high-voltage contacts that can operate with voltages up to 2.8Kv. 

Thanks to these high-current contacts, a device won’t need an extra interface for its power supply. The precisely machined contacts with most contact termination types are designed for heavy use.

Combination D-SUB connectors also achieve fast transmission of signals with special 50/75 Ohm coaxial contacts for shielded coaxial lines, with standard and high density versions available. 

Flexible functionality and configurations

You’ll find far more flexibility with the CONEC D-SUB Combination Series than with other connectors on the market, as the D-SUB shell comes in 5 housing sizes and offers numerous configurations. 

Mixing signal, power, and coaxial contacts with a range of termination and mounting styles is extremely useful for a range of industrial and commercial applications, from aerospace to telecoms.

While the standard versions have an IP20 rating, many fields require more robust protection against dust and water – which is why CONEC Waterproof D-SUB Combination connectors offer IP67.

Space-saving and cost-efficient

If you want to minimise the number of cable assemblies and connectors to save space, a CONEC D-SUB connector from the Combination Series can eliminate the need for separate interfaces.

Integrating different contact types and wire terminations within the same connector saves space on printed circuit boards and input/output designs, while also being ideal for shielded RF signals.

These mixed-layout capabilities not only reduce the footprint of your set-up, but also the installation and running costs. You’ll benefit from faster and easier assembly and cost savings over time.

Order from a CONEC distributor

Here at Northern Connectors, we have been an authorised CONEC distributor since 2006, so we’re well-versed in the German brand’s designs and supply a variety of products from their portfolio.

This includes a full range of standard, high density, and waterproof D-sub connectors, so be sure to browse our online catalogue to find the right CONEC connector for your application.

If you would like more information about our CONEC connectors or need help placing an order, you can get in touch by calling our team, or submit an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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