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Why are D-sub connectors so dependable?


Though it has a basic design, the humble D-sub connector has remained in use for decades because it does its job well. 

This input/output electronic connector has been around since the 1950s, and despite the development of newer micro technologies, D-sub connectors have held their own corner of the growing market.

The D-shaped connector shields the contacts and makes it faster and easier to establish a secure connection to transfer data, as you can only insert the D-shaped housing one way. 

Quite simply, D-subminiature connectors are still a go-to option due to their stable design with a more robust housing.

When you need a subminiature connector that is small enough to slot into a tight space, but strong enough to lock into place with resistance against vibrations and strain, D-sub connectors will always be a reliable choice.

D-subminiature accessories and housings

D-subminiature connectors are more versatile than many might think, available in a range of specifications – with varying sizes and quantities of contacts, different housing styles and termination types, and even multiple connection types in one shell.

For example, here at Northern Connectors, we supply a selection of D-sub connectors from the German manufacturer CONEC, including watertight versions:

  • CONEC standard – 9-50 pin counts; IP20 rating
  • CONEC high density – 15-78 pin counts; IP20 rating
  • CONEC combination – 2-47 pin counts; IP20 rating (power, signal, and coaxial)
  • CONEC waterproof standard – 9-50 pin counts; IP67 rating
  • CONEC waterproof high density – 15-78 pin counts; IP67 rating
  • CONEC waterproof combination – 2-47 pin counts; IP67 rating (power, signal, and coaxial)

Additionally, we are official distributors of HARTING D-sub connectors and accessories, which are typically available with 2-78 pin counts and IP20 to IP67 ratings.

Where a tougher backshell may be needed for additional connection security in a commercial or industrial environment, HARTING also offers D-sub accessories, including:

  • Screw locking D-sub connector hoods – top entry or top and side entry, with knurled screws, short locking screws, male screw locks, or female screw locks with nuts
  • Spring or slide locking D-sub connector hoods – metallised thermoplastic hoods with spring latches, slide locking devices, fixed latches, or locking bolts

These German-engineered cable connectors and hoods are excellent for setting up durable systems with a long-lasting technology that continues to stand the tests of time. 

Where to find D-subminiature connectors

You are already in the right place to order high-quality D-sub connectors in the UK, as Northern Connectors is a leading stockist of all kinds of cable connectors and accessories from the best manufacturers in Europe.

Whatever requirements you may have for a D-subminiature connector, we are confident in our ability to help you find the right connectors and fittings for your specific application.

Find out more

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