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What Does IP44 Mean? Understanding the Importance of Ingress Protection Ratings


IP44 is one of many IP ratings – degrees of ingress protection that measure how effective the enclosure of an electrical device is at blocking entry by solids or liquids.

These ratings are part of the IP Code published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). IP ratings are included in safety standards such as IEC 60529:1989, BS EN 60529:1992, and ISO 20653:2013 to ensure the safe use of electrical equipment.

The numbers and letters in an IP rating explain the level of protection a product achieved under standardised testing, which determines which environments the product can be used in. Here’s what you need to know about IP44 and finding the IP rating you need. 

IP44 meaning explained

An ‘Ingress Protection’ rating typically features the letters ‘IP’ followed by two numbers, but if the product hasn’t been rated fully, one of the numbers may be replaced by an X. 

The first number represents the level of protection the product’s enclosure has against solid foreign bodies. It can be hazardous for anything from dust particles to human fingers to touch electrical components inside enclosures, so these products are rated from 0–6 for how effective they are at keeping differently sized solids out.

IP44 means the product has a rating towards the higher end of the 0–6 scale. Here, the 4 designates that the product is protected against ingress by small solid bodies of 1mm diameter or more. Please note that this is not dustproof – a higher rating would be necessary if the product requires partial or full protection against smaller dust particles.

The second number rates the protection level of the product’s enclosure against forms of moisture. Water can corrode metal components and risk causing electric shocks or can start fires if it comes into contact with live electrical wires, so a higher level of protection is required. These ratings of 0–9 indicate whether or not the product would be safe to use in a damp or wet environment.

In this case, IP44 means the product is rated towards the middle of the 0–9 scale. The 4 signifies that the product has effective protection against splashing water from any direction or angle, including vertical drops or sprays of droplets. Again, a higher rating would be required if the product was intended for use under risk of pressurised water sprays or immersion in water.

Is IP44 waterproof? 

As an IP44 rating indicates that the product is splashproof, it’s considered safe to use IP44 products in drier or more sheltered areas where they may be infrequently exposed to moisture, either indoors or outdoors. It wouldn’t be wise to use a product with a rating lower than IP44 outside due to the higher risk of water ingress.

However, an IP44 rating does not mean the product is waterproof – so it won’t be suitable for exposure to heavy rain or submersion in water, and should not be used in such situations. 

If your product needs protection against powerful sprays or jets of water, then you’ll need an IP rating ending in 5 or 6. If your product needs to withstand immersion in water for up to 30 minutes, the rating should end in 7, whereas 8 indicates the ability to withstand long-term immersion under high pressure – so the latter is best for industrial applications.

The highest water ingress protection rating available is 9K, which is ideal for withstanding regular high-pressure jets of water in industries where sanitisation is essential.

IP rated connectors

As suppliers of a full range of IP rated power connectors, you can find a selection of IP44 connectors available on the Northern Connectors website. We provide circular and rectangular IP44 connectors from reputable brands such as HARTING, Souriau, and Mennekes, plus panel-mounted or wall-mounted inlets and sockets and IP44 plugs.

To make finding connectors with the IP rating you need easier, you can also browse a variety of connector IP ratings with different levels of dust protection and water protection. For more information, you can consult our simple IP ratings guide, or view our guides on which IP rated connectors are most suitable for certain sectors – including automation, surveillance, food, lighting, and industrial uses.

Find out more

If you want to know more about IP rated connectors or need guidance with selecting a suitable solution for your application, Northern Connectors is here to help.

You can explore the characteristics section of our website, call us on 01744 815001, or complete our online contact form and we will be in touch at the nearest opportunity.

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