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The importance of industrial cable protection


Protecting cabling and wiring systems is critical to prevent the loss of power, signal, or data transmission that keeps various types of industrial equipment functional. 

Any equipment, and the system that enables it to operate, will only be as effective as the cables that connect its separate parts – which are at risk of damage and failure in demanding conditions and harsh external environments.

That’s where cable management comes in. This isn’t just about keeping cables insulated and organised to ensure safe working conditions – it also involves cable protection measures, which are just as important in maintaining functionality and safety.

Keeping an industrial cable secured in place and shielded against external elements will require some kind of cable wire protector, a key component that should never be overlooked.

Here’s what you should know about industrial cable protection products and their benefits.

Why cable protection is essential

Without proper cable management, the consequences for your cabling and operations could be dire, especially in the challenging conditions typically present in an industrial environment.

Not only will the system be inefficient without cable protection, but the faster cables succumb to damage, the sooner they will need to be repaired or replaced. This results in downtime and increased costs, reducing profitability and sustainability.

It also increases the risk of serious accidents, like electrical fires, which pose a severe health hazard to any staff and can cause extensive property damage.

That’s why effective and efficient cable protection is a must – whether it protects against mechanical, thermal, chemical, or radiation damage, or a combination of these.

It’s also why most industrial cable products will be rigorously tested and given an IP rating, which grades their level of Ingress Protection against intrusion by solids like dust particles and liquids like water under certain operating conditions.

Specially designed fittings like cable glands are therefore extremely beneficial for insulating, sealing, bonding, and grounding cable connections in severe or hazardous settings.

The durable cable protection fittings that we supply here at Northern Connectors are manufactured by industry-leading brands, including the following:

PMA cable protection

Our selection of protective cable connectors and conduits from Swiss brand PMA offer the perfect solution for pre-loomed cables, repairs, or retrofits: 

  • PMA Smart Line – one-piece IP66 conduit-and-connectors.
  • PMA Divisible – one-piece divisible IP54 conduits.
  • PMAFIX – safety-clip IP66 or IP68 connectors (static).
  • PMAFIX-PRO – inner-sealing IP68 or IP69K connectors (static or dynamic).
  • PMA Conduits – mono or multilayer conduits (4.5mm–125mm diameters).

There is also a range of conduit and adapter accessories for PMA connector systems, such as mounting clips, lock nuts, thread reducers, thread enlargers, swivel adapters, and more.

Water resistant and versatile, these connectors and conduits provide high-quality practical solutions for cable protection systems.

HUMMEL cable protection

Our collection of protective cable glands from German manufacturer HUMMEL offers a variety of designs that are suitable for specific applications:

  • HSK – standard cable glands up to IP69K in PVDF, nickel-plated brass, polyamide, or steel.
  • HSK-EMC – shieldable cable glands up to IP69K with 360° electromagnetic compatibility.
  • HSK-INOX HD/HSK-INOX HD PRO – hygienic cable glands up to IP69K with silicone seals.
  • HSK-Ex – industrial cable glands for applications in potentially explosive hazardous areas.
  • EXIOS – heavy-duty cable glands for applications in Group I, II, or III hazardous areas.
  • VariaPro/VariaPro Rail – industrial cable glands with IP68 to 10 bar protection, integrated EMC, and standardised resistance to high or low temperatures and chemical corrosion.

As if this wide range of incredibly robust waterproof cable glands wasn’t enough, HUMMEL also manufactures HSK-SPECIAL cable glands for specialist applications.

Available on request, these highly specialised products offer even more hygienic, multi-entry, or angled options, with a selection of thread lengths and types, clamping ranges, and sealing materials.

Contact us for waterproof cable glands

When prioritising operational reliability and extending the lifecycle of your industrial cabling system, it’s vital to invest in the appropriate cable wire protectors. 

The right cable protection option for you will depend on many factors specific to your application and the operating conditions, so if you need advice on selecting industrial cable management solutions, be sure to contact the Northern Connectors team.

We would be glad to discuss our assortment of industrial cable protection glands and conduits – simply call 01744 815001 to speak with us, or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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