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Prioritising operational safety in tight spaces


The Snap-In Miniature 720 and Bayonet NCC Miniature 770 connector series from binder are specially designed for robust use in installations with restricted spatial conditions.

While the connectors in these product series were previously only available with straight backshells, binder has introduced angled versions as an alternative space-saving option.

For Snap-In 720 connectors, a snap hook mechanism locks the connection in place – however if the connector is unsnapped at an angle instead of axially and with too much force, this can destroy the hooks. The new angled connectors have a threaded ring to protect the snap hooks against such damage, allowing them to withstand greater loads.

The introduction of this threaded ring thereby allows binder to meet the design requirements of angled Bayonet NCC 770 connectors too, using almost identical components.

The new housings for both designs also have an angle of 100° rather than bending a cable by 90° – which makes cable assembly and choosing outlet directions much simpler.

New details of the 720 and 770 Series

From lighting technology, greenhouse heating, and e-bikes for the 720 Series to handheld controls, medical homecare, and lab metering devices for the 770 Series, there are many possible uses for the new angled variants of these connectors. 

Here are some of the beneficial features offered by these angled binder connectors:

Snap-In 720 Series:

  • Max. Voltage: 60/250V
  • Max. Current: 2/7A
  • No. of Contacts: 3-12
  • Contact Termination: Solder
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Min. Mating Cycles: 500

Bayonet 770 Series

  • Max. Voltage: 175V
  • Max. Current: 2A
  • No. of Contacts: 8
  • Contact Termination: Solder
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Mating Cycles: 5,000

Additionally, both offer angled housings in a range of colours – not just classic black, but also red, green, blue, and medical grey-white (RAL 9002).

You can now order angled connectors from the binder Snap-in Miniature 720 Series and the binder Bayonet NCC Miniature 770 Series here at Northern Connectors.

Browse our portfolio of binder connectors today, or get in touch with our team for advice and answers to any enquiries you might have about these products.

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