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HARTING Han-Modular® Domino Modules

Since the 1940s, HARTING has consistently produced innovative industrial connector solutions for transferring power, data, and signals. 

When HARTING released its Han-Modular series in the 1990s, this was the first modular connector capable of running power, data, and signal transmissions together in one connector.

Now, as technologies evolve at lightning pace, HARTING have launched their Han-Modular Domino series – pushing the modular industrial connector market to new heights.

The buzz around this product range is supported by the fact that Han-Modular Domino modules won the Best of Industry Award in the ‘Electrical Equipment’ category and ‘Cable and Connector Product of the Year’ at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2022.

So, what makes HARTING Han-Modular Domino modules worthy of such recognition and accolades?

Here, Northern Connectors explains how these products work and why Han-Modular Domino connectors are so beneficial for many industrial applications.

How do Han-Modular Domino modules work?

The clue is in the name – just like dominoes are made up of two squares, a HARTING Domino module is made up of two cubes. Each module has one large tab and one small tab which slot together using keyways.

Dividing the mating face into two almost square surfaces in this way allows for more efficient use of the space. Signal, data, power, or compressed air – and male and female contacts – can all be flexibly combined in one connector system, as needed.

While the equivalent Han-Modular frame can hold four single standard modules it can fit eight Domino cubes, as each slot has room for two Domino modules. This cube design supports custom configurations and reduces the number of interfaces per unit.

Being compatible with existing Han-Modular components, it is very easy to integrate Domino modules into current frames, hoods, housings, and connectors – meeting your configuration requirements as precisely as possible.

Benefits of Han-Modular Domino modules

Reducing the number of interfaces required per unit with the introduction of much smaller and lighter connector modules can save on installation space and weight by up to 50%

Combining various transmission types into one module also provides countless possibilities for optimisation, creating stable and safe connections for all.

Not only do these products meet industry requirements for weight reduction and space-saving in transmission connector installations, but they also boost sustainability.

HARTING Han-Modular Domino modules are more environmentally friendly, as less energy and fewer raw materials are required to manufacture the smaller components. 

This helps to conserve resources and reduce costs, as does the additional sustainability factor of the individual modules being reusable and compatible with other Han-Modular components.

Assembly is more efficient and installation is much faster with Han-Modular Domino modules, which make it easier to equip hard-to-reach areas – also reducing costs.

Order HARTING connectors today

From automation and testing to manufacturing and processing, there are many applications that can benefit from such lightweight technology packing more possibilities into single connectors. 

Northern Connectors have been an authorised distribution partner for HARTING for over 25 years so we know just how comprehensive their portfolio is and how high-quality their connection solutions are. 

If you are looking for a HARTING connector solution, browse our HARTING portfolio to find the series that suits your needs, or view our HARTING Han-Modular Domino page for more details on this particular series. 

Should you need more information on our HARTING connectors or want to place an order, call us on 01744 815001, or complete our online contact form and we will be in touch at the nearest opportunity.

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