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Exploring the unique innovations of HUMMEL cable glands

Cable glands are an extremely useful addition to your electrical setup, providing a capable means of cable management for various industrial applications. These glands can be easily attached to secure the ends of a cable and the device itself, ensuring the system as a whole performs better in terms of ingress protection, electrical resistance and strain relief.

HUMMEL is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of cable glands and related cable management accessories, offering a wide range of cost-effective and highly capable products suitable for harsh environments. Their products are renowned for their high quality and ease of use, with a wide range of options available to suit an array of applications.

Here, we have teamed up with our partners at HUMMEL to provide a showcase of the various unique benefits and technological innovations that have made HUMMEL the go-to option for customers looking for high-quality cable management solutions.

Electromagnetic compatibility

For applications where exposure to electromagnetic interference is a key concern, being able to rely on high-quality electromagnetic compatible (EMC) cable glands can be a huge benefit. HUMMEL’s HSK-EMC range meets all of the necessary requirements through a combination of outstanding high-grade materials and innovative technology.

These cable glands are able to protect exposed lines from electromagnetic waves by dissipating them via the surface of the housing, using Faraday cage principles to protect the cabling and the components without creating any electromagnetic disturbance of their own.

Offering full certification in line with all of the relevant regulations and standards, HUMMEL’s EMC cable glands are easy to install and assemble, and offer a range of different product options depending on the needs of your industry:

  • HSK-EMC-D EMC, offering the best EMI attenuation for quick and easy installation
  • HSK-M-EMC: standard EMC, providing a high level of screen attenuation
  • HSK-M-PVDF-EMC: high-temperature EMC - offering very good screen attenuation and strong temperature resistance
  • HSK-M-EMC-MZ/Flex: standard EMC, providing additional bending protection and strain relief
  • HSK-INOX-EMV: standard EMC, combining very good screen attenuation with a robust stainless steel housing

Flame and explosion resistance

For demanding industrial environments, it may be necessary to reinforce your electrical systems against exposure to flames or explosions. HUMMEL’s range of Ex cable glands are specifically designed to provide reliable protection for electrical equipment in even the most hazardous areas, in accordance with EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1 and EN 60079-7 standards.

The HUMMEL Exios and HUMMEL HSK-Ex series of hazardous area cable glands are available in brass, polyamide and stainless steel formats, offering robust protection of the following types:

  • Ex e, providing increased safety against sparks or electrical arcs that could lead to an explosion
  • Ex d, offering a flameproof enclosure that withstands explosion pressure inside the housing and prevents transmission to the outside
  • Ex t, delivering dust explosion protection with a tighter cable gland connection that reliably prevents dust from entering an enclosure

These Ex cable glands are most regularly utilised by sectors that rely upon the very highest standards of reliability, strain relief and waterproofing requirements, such as the marine, offshore, gas conveying, refinery and chemical industries.

Sustainable lead-free design

Sustainability is a key concern and priority for every industry today, which is why HUMMEL is upgrading its premium HUMMEL HSK-M cable glands with new lead-free versions, available in sizes from M12 to M63.

Previously, cable glands made of brass were able to contain a maximum of 4% lead, but this has now changed, making it necessary for all sectors to convert their production environments to lead-free operation. HUMMEL’s lead-free range makes this easy, offering the same temperature ranges, tightness, impact resistance and strain relief performance, without the environmentally harmful lead content.

HUMMEL’s lead-free cable glands retain the same article numbers, with the addition of the suffix ‘LF’, making it easy for users to make the switch across to the new and more sustainable versions of these products.

Options for specialist applications

Certain industries will require specialised cable glands to address the specific requirements they face when designing their electronic systems. The HUMMEL VariaPro cable gland series is designed for these special applications, providing focused performance for demanding markets with particular challenges.

All of the VariaPro products offer a number of common qualities, including a robust design, outstanding IP68 ingress protection and integrated EMC performance, as well as a slimline design suitable for confined areas. Specific VariaPro cable gland options include:

  • VariaPro Rail - developed to meet the needs of the rail network, these glands were created with the DIN EN 45545-2 and 45545-3 fire protection standards and E30 fire resistance class in mind. These products can be used without restriction with all trains in the European transport network.
  • VariaPro Temp - optimised for extremely low and very high temperatures, these glands cover a temperature range of -60⁰ to +200⁰ Celsius, making them suitable for Arctic climates, refrigerated warehouses and industrial environments.
  • VariaPro FKM - highly resistant against acids and chemicals, these cable glands are particularly suitable for use in the process industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors and the energy industry.
  • INOX-HD Pro - a cable gland developed for applications where hygiene is of paramount importance, including the food industry and chemical and pharmaceuticals sector. Its stainless steel housing meets the highest hygiene standards, ensuring residue-free cleaning of bacteria and microorganisms.

All of these products have been designed by HUMMEL with the specific needs of these target markets in mind, making them an ideal choice for businesses in this sector that are striving to achieve industry-leading performance levels from their systems.

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