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Everything you need to know about DIN valve connectors

Valve connectors are a vital component that are relied upon for the smooth operation of a wide variety of industrial machines. While small in terms of size and relatively low in cost, these essential products should not be overlooked when it comes to their importance. They are needed to withstand extreme temperatures, operate amid contact with oil and grease, all while maintaining reliable connections.

Here, Northern Connectors has partnered with Belden - the manufacturer of our popular Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation product lines - to shine the spotlight on DIN valve connectors, explaining everything you need to know about this key product.

What is a DIN valve connector?

A DIN valve connector supplies power and, in some cases, signal transmission to end devices, such as solenoid valves, by connecting them to voltage supplies and/or data networks.

These devices serve an important function, which is to control the direction of liquids and gases. Often, they are also used to protect against surges that could damage devices, controlling the flow of electricity. DIN valve connectors are also regularly employed to connect pressure sensors, temperature sensors and flow monitors to necessary power and data.

It is highly likely that the majority of manufacturing processes you have operated previously have made use of DIN valve connectors. They are commonplace in automotive, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, oil/gas and water/wastewater environments.

What are the different types of DIN valve connector?

Before selecting a DIN valve connector, it is important to understand the different options that are available. Each of the different types offers its own housing size, pin type and pin spacing to fulfil a number of manufacturing specifications.

1. Form-A DIN valve connectors

The largest of the three types, Form-A valve connectors are identified due to their head shape (which is a 1-inch by 1-inch square) or their three inward-facing, U-shaped pins. These pins are spaced 18 mm apart.

Form A DIN valve connectors are built in accordance with EN 175301-803-A (formally known as DIN 43560) and available in 2-pole or 3-pole + ground options.

2. Form-B DIN valve connectors

Form-B valve connectors are ideal for use in scenarios where space is at a premium, such as manifold banks. The connectors, also referred to as micro valve connectors, can be mounted side by side to maximise space usage thanks to their rectangular head shape.

Form-B valve connectors can be found on solenoid valves in hydraulics and pneumatics applications, as well as in marine applications.

These options are offered with two different pin spacings:

-10 mm between the #1 and #2 pins (EN) with one flat-blade contact and two outward-facing, U-shaped contacts

-11 mm between the #1 and #2 pins (Industrial Standard) with three flat-blade contacts; this is the industry standard

Form-B valve connectors are built in accordance with EN 175301-803-B or Industrial Standard and are available in 2-pole + ground.

3. Form-C DIN Valve Connectors

Form-C valve connectors - often referred to as sub-micro valve connectors - are the smallest of the different types and feature a square-shaped connector head, similar to that of Form-A.

They are offered with two different flat-blade pin spacings:

-8 mm pin spacing between the #1 and #2 pins (EN)

-9.4 mm pin spacing between the #1 and #2 pins (Industrial Standard)

Form-C valve connectors are built in accordance with EN 175301-803-C or Industrial Standard and available in 2-pole or 3-pole + ground options.

Why choose Belden valve connectors?

Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation, both part of the Belden family, have offered a wide range of products for industrial applications for more than 50 years. DIN valve connectors from Belden are available in a variety of styles, including field attachables, single and double-ended moulded cordsets, adaptors, moulded splitters and receptacles.

Northern Connectors is a proud stockist of a range of valve connectors from Belden, which provide a robust solution for businesses conducting a variety of specifications. 

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