Applications where space is at a premium just got that little bit easier to manage thanks to binder’s latest 670 Series NCC Subminiature connectors, available to purchase from Northern Connectors. 

The newly-developed products target the growing need for suitable, reliable circular connectors in a wide range of applications, including lighting and test and measurement instrumentation. These 5-pin subminiature connectors feature a bayonet closure and a cable bushing allowing for 3 to 5mm cable. 

A key feature of the 670 Series is that the contacts on the panel side are completely protected against water, dirt and penetration by foreign objects when the mating half is not connected, this is achieved when the spring-loaded inner cover pops out when the mated pair are detached.

binder 670 (NCC) Series

The NCC panel connector achieves protection to IP54 when not connected. When it is connected, the level of protection for the mated pair increases to IP67. With this range of products, contacts are kept free from environmental damage, while the durability means the 670 Series is perfect for use in tough conditions. 

Designed for more than 1,000 mating cycles, the new series from binder provides flexibility and long life combined with the additional characteristics of the 670 Series. Also perfect for applications that demand frequent mating and demating, the 670 Series subminiature connectors have a compact profile that is ideal for use in tight spaces. 

On top of this, the 670 Series plastic socket has high resistance to vibration and shock loads. The product is also particularly resistant to heat and cold, with an operating temperature range from -25°C to +85°C.

The complete range of binder's 670 NCC connectors can be seen in the following brochure;
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