binder M12 A-Coded Hybrid Connectors

binder has announced the first models in the latest addition to their substantial M12 A-coded connector portfolio. The new hybrid design combines power & signal contacts in one shell and offers a single-cable solution for users with challenging applications in demanding environments. 

Perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor industrial environments where power and signal transmission is required in a confined space, the latest range is suitable for adoption in sensors, actuators, camera systems, as well as motors, drives and control systems. 

Practical application 

The M12 A-coded hybrid connectors are specifically designed for demanding outdoor applications. When mated, the connectors protect to IP67 and allow an operating temperature of -25°C to 85°C. The industry standard M12x1 screw coupling nut is offered in stainless steel and the range also boasts a full plastic option for a reduction in cost and weight. 

Current and signal properties 

The first versions of the new product range feature nine contacts - two high-current contacts rated to 12A at 63V, and seven signal contacts rated to 0.5A at 12.5V. 

The power conductors are moulded with polyurethane (PUR) and feature a cross-section of 0.75mm² (AWG 18). The signal transmission conductors are 0.14 mm² (AWG 26). 

As standard, the new connectors are supplied with 2m and 5m cables, although custom cables are also available on request. For PCB applications, the connection to the printed circuit board is implemented using dip soldering technology for the power contacts and SMD technology for the signal contacts. 

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