Hirschmann ST Series

Tough and compact rectangular power connector with lever locking mechanism for current supply and signal transmission in industrial installations.

The Hirschmann ST series is a low cost field attachable connector system known for its resilient qualities and reliability.

Available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 way and with screw termination, crimp or with pre-moulded cable.


  • IP20
  • IP54
Full Description

The Hirschmann ST Series, with its robust and compact power features, is eminently suitable for power supply and signal transmission in industrial installations and mechanical engineering.

The ST series has become the de-facto market standard for the motors that operate blinds and awnings and is also frequently used in power supplies for moulding machines, medical applications and industrial lighting systems.

The series is available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 way with screw termination cavities for a swift installation. A crimp variant is also available for areas that require even further resistance to the effects of vibration.

The lever which locks a mating pair together guarantees a secure and robust connection and one that can be disengaged simply and efficiently.

The lever can be mounted on either the male or female and provides versatility for the user to customise their installation.

Cable connectors can be straight or angled and panel receptacles are available in both bulkhead and surface mount design.

Key features include
• Available in 3 to 6 pin variants (including PE)
• For voltages up to 400V and currents up to 16A
• Dust and spray water protection for high resistance
• Approved by VDE & UL for worldwide application
• Protection class up to IP54

For a more detailed description of this connector series please see the manufacturers brochure which is available to download above.

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Features & Specification
  • No. of Contacts 3-6
  • Locking Mechanism Lever
  • Termination Screw, Crimp
  • Wire Gauge Max. 1.5mm²
  • Cable Diameter Range 4-10mm
  • Max. Voltage 250-400V
  • Max. Current 6-16A
  • Ingress Protection IP20, IP54
  • Moulded Cable Opt. Yes
Parts in this Series
Cable Connectors
930621106 (STAK 2 Grey), 931264106 (STAK 20 Grey), 932037106 (STAK 200 Grey), 932140106 (STAK 3 N Grey), 932533106 (STAK 4 N Grey), 931691106 (STAK 5 Grey), 930620106 (STAS 2 Grey), 931265106 (STAS 20 Grey), 932038106 (STAS 200 Grey), 932143106 (STAS 3 N Grey), 934442106 (STAS 4 N Grey), 931692106 (STAS 5 Grey)
Panel Connectors
930647106 (STAKEI 2 Grey), 932047106 (STAKEI 200 Grey), 932142106 (STAKEI 3 N Grey), 931694106 (STAKEI 5 Grey), 930329106 (STAKAP 2 Grey), 932045106 (STAKAP 200 Grey), 932513106 (STAKAP 3 N Grey), 932511106 (STAKAP 5 Grey), 930622106 (STASEI 2 Grey), 932048106 (STASEI 200 Grey), 932145106 (STASEI 3 N Grey), 931697106 (STASEI 5 Grey), 930822106 (STASAP 2 B Grey), 932046106 (STASAP 200 Grey), 932514106 (STASAP 3 N Grey), 932512106 (STASAP 5 Grey)
732044000 (STASI 2), 733045001 (STASI 3), 733449001 (STASI 4)

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