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Radiall SMB Series / SMB-LOCK Series / SMC Series

Radiall SMB, SMB-LOCK, SMC Series

In brief:

Range of subminiature RF coaxial connectors with snap-on, slide-on, lock and screw-on connection.

This section of the Radiall portfolio contains both SMB (subminiature B) and SMC (subminiature C) variants which provide a fast and reliable connection for applications up to 10GHz.

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A specialist manufacturer of quality, durable components for the aerospace, industrial, medical and telecommunications industries

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The SMB snap-on and SMC screw-on subminiature coaxial connectors provide a fast and reliable connection for high density packaging for applications up to 10GHz.

Radiall offers a very large range of SMB & SMC connectors, including cable plugs and jacks with bulkhead and panel mount configurations, bulkhead and panel mount receptacles; through hole, SMT and edge card receptacles and in-series and between series adapters.

The SMB series also features versions with lower mating forces than standard. Four types of interconnection mechanisms are available:

  • SMB standard: snap-on connection
    The design permits quick engagement and disengagement.
  • SMB limited detent (SMB-A): snap-on connection with low mating force
    The design permits quick engagement and disengagement and is suitable for printed circuit boards. Radiall offers a range of PCB and bulkhead receptacles with female center contact. The SMB-A receptacles are completely intermateable with standard SMB jacks.
  • SMB slide-on (SUBGLIS): slide-on connection
    The design is suitable for back plane and blind mate applications. In this case, we recommend the association of a mobile connector (floating jack / receptacle) with a fixed connector (panel plug / jack, receptacle). The SUBGLIS connectors are completely intermateable with standard SMB and SMB-A connectors and for that, they can be used for test applications.
  • SMB Lock:
    Plugs (with female center contact) have a coupling nut allowing a reliable lock-on connection (50 N min). This range allows a visual control of the locking system.

These four types of SMB connectors have the same electrical performances.

For a more detailed description of this connector series please see the manufacturers brochure which is available to download above.

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