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What are binder 720 Connectors?

Northern Connectors have been an authorised distribution partner of binder’s for over 20 years. In that time, we have witnessed the evolution of their miniature and sub-miniature circular connector portfolio which we believe is now so encompassing that it is second to none.

The German manufacturer is known for its durable and compact circular connector solutions designed for everyday use in tough industrial automation, engineering, and medical applications.

The plethora of compact circular solutions includes the snap-in miniature 720 Series of connectors – the slightly larger version of the smaller 620 Series of sub-miniature connectors

Below we explore the highlights of binder’s snap-in miniature 720 Series of connectors.

What features do binder 720 connectors have?

The snap-in miniature 720 series of circular connectors from binder benefit from a range of features that make them suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Snap-in locking mechanism
  • Pin-counts from 3 to 12
  • Maximum current carrying capacities of 2A to 7Aper contact
  • Maximum voltage from 60V to 250V
  • Allow cable diameters from 2.5mm to 8mm
  • Have a wire gauge allowance of 0.75mm²
  • IP67 ingress protection rating when mated or with the use of a protection cover
  • Solder or dip-solder contact termination methods
  • Cable-to-cable or cable-to-panel options
  • Overmoulded cable versions available in addition to the self-wiring types
  • Choice of black, red, green, or blue colourways
  • White/grey variants available for medical applications

Are binder 720 miniature connectors waterproof?

One of the major benefits of binder 720 Series miniature connectors is their IP67 rating, which indicates a high level of resistance against dust and water ingress. 

The two numbers of the ingress protection (IP) rating indicate the following levels of protection:

  • 6 – complete 100% dust protection
  • 7 – protection against total water immersion at 15cm–1m depth for up to 30 minutes

To ensure that 720 Series connectors can withstand immersion in water in line with the provided IP rating, you must ensure the connector is matched to the correct mating half and has a protection cover secured when in unmated state.

Which binder 720 Series accessories are available?

To reinforce the IP67 rating of the connectors, you could add a matching binder protection cover, which is also IP67-rated and comes with a fixing rope. These are available for both male and female connectors as well as both cable and panel connectors.

Panel adapters are also available – while the panel receptacles come in a front-mount/rear-fastened design as standard, an adapter can help you adjust them to a flush-mount or front-fastened style.

We also supply binder in-line splitters, which make it easier to safely connect one 3-way or 5-way male connector to two 5-way female connectors at the same time. 

Additionally, if your application requires extra protection against unwanted movement and accidental disconnection, you can reinforce the connection using binder locking clips. These safety clips with snap-in lugs are designed for use in environments with higher levels of physical stress and tension on the cables.

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