Souriau have meticulously designed this new series to meet the rigorous demands and system design needs of the medical market.
Souriau JMX Series 
Although predominantly created for medical applications this connector series lends itself well to more common industrial environments with pin counts ranging from 2 -12 and with IP68 options in both mated and unmated condition. 
Features & Benefits 
• 2000+ mating cycles
• IP68 (can be achieved in both mated & unmated condition)
• Withstands steam autoclave sterilisation (per IEC 60601-1)
• 2-12 way layouts in same shell size
• 60% lighter than metal JBX equivalent 
• Keying & colour coding options 
• Aesthetically pleasing design 
• Solder, crimp & pre-moulded options 
For more information on this range please visit the JMX product page.
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