binder M8 EMC-Shielded Connectors

New moulded M8 circular connectors featuring 360° electromagnetic shielding have been introduced to binder’s ever-expanding connector portfolio.

This innovative new product is the latest addition to binder’s industry-acclaimed 718 Series, utilising a cable shield to provide robust EMC protection under challenging circumstances. These new options also provide all of the same proven benefits that customers have come to expect from binder’s M8 connectors, including a compact design and low cost and weight.

Here, we explore some of the most significant benefits users can expect from binder’s new M8 connectors, which are available now from Northern Connectors.

Comprehensive EMC protection

EMC shielding serves a vital function for industrial connectors, helping to protect sensitive signals from external electromagnetic interference, as well as ensuring that the transmission itself does not interfere with any of the surrounding electronics.

The new M8 connectors from binder are able to achieve this through an innovative shielding concept, used for the first time in this connector size category. The components come with a small metal braid installed under the jacket that prevents stray electromagnetic signals from causing interference, providing full 360° protection.

Having this level of protection available at the M8 size class makes this new circular connector particularly useful for applications where robust EMC shielding is essential, such as sensor technology, laboratory equipment and drive solutions.

A versatile range of features

However, the new connector’s 360° EMC shielding is not its only key benefit. As part of binder’s well-established 718 Series, it offers many of the same core features and benefits that have come to characterise this product line, including:

  • Compact and robust shell

  • 3, 4, 6, or 8 way configurations

  • IP67 ingress protection

  • 100+ mating cycles

As with many connectors in the binder portfolio, this product can be implemented as a customised design, available in PVC or PUR. Cable lengths can also be configured according to your specific requirements.

Additionally, binder is currently developing a 12-pin version of this M8 connector solution, which will be optimised specifically for measuring equipment and automation applications and will be made available soon.

Find out more

To find out more about EMC-shielded M8 connectors see binder M8 connectors product page. You can also explore our full range of binder products to find more about their innovative, robust and compact connector solutions.

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