In our previous news article we highlighted a new product from Binder’s News 2016 brochure – the RD24 Jam-Nut Receptacle. 
Further to this introduction we were also impressed by the addition of pre-wired receptacles in the M16 IP40 & IP67 ranges. 
Pre-wired panel mounts offer the user a huge saving in assembly time & cost and are ideal for price sensitive projects where a swift and efficient process is required.   
Pre-wired receptacles had previously only been seen in Binders M5, M8, M12 and 7/8” connector ranges and this new development will naturally open this already huge series up to an even wider spectrum of applications.      
Features & Specification;
  • 4 - 8 way
  • 5 - 7A
  • 60 - 250V
  • IP40, IP67
  • Single wires 0.34mm² PVC  
For more information on this range please see the following datasheet;
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