Northern Connectors has supplied components to the car manufacturing industry for many years and has seen it grow and evolve over time. We take a keen interest in how this industry is developing and wanted to gauge public opinion on two technologies set to really stir things up: driverless cars and electric cars.

Our products are often used on the robots that manufacture the cars and we have therefore conducted a survey to find out whether the UK public is ready to adopt the new technologies and if they believe they are likely to take off in the future.

We questioned more than 800 people and found that while the majority of people have reservations about these new driving concepts, many also believe their popularity will surge in the future. Among the main findings were:

  • 65% of respondents cited safety issues as a main disadvantage of driverless cars
  • 67% believe driverless cars will be either quite or very popular in the future
  • 77% are worried about difficulties recharging electric cars
  • 73% think electric cars will be either quite or very popular in the future

We have compiled the main findings from our survey into the infographic below.

Infographic: Is the UK ready for driverless and electric cars?