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How to Install Cable Glands Properly

There are many things to consider when installing cable glands, both in terms of ensuring that the gland you select is appropriate for your function and that the network works effectively. Safety factors into all of these considerations; not only in ensuring that the system operates according to the highest safety standards after installation, but also during the installation itself.

Installation of new components is often the most critical stage in the lifespan of any system. If done right, it can greatly improve performance, diagnose inefficiencies and even help to identify any potential problems that might arise in the system at some point. However, ineffective cable gland installation can create efficiency problems, and if an unsuitable connection is chosen there is a chance that the system could break down or even cause a fire risk. This is just part of the reason that high standards of safety must be maintained.Here, the experts at Northern Connectors explain how to install cable glands properly and safely, and detail the considerations that go into adding a cable gland to an existing system.

Step One: Choosing a Gland

Cable glands are a vital way to secure a connection between cables that confer different types of protection to a network. They can secure a connection by holding cables together more tightly, or seal the connection to better prevent ingress of dirt, moisture or other hazards. There are many different types of cable glands, depending on whether your application includes signal or power connections, or other media.

Of course, there are safety concerns involved in choosing the appropriate gland. If your system is situated in a high-stress environment, or needs to be reliable at high temperatures, it is vital that you select a gland that is proven to function effectively under these conditions and that provides the necessary protections to the cable. You should examine the specifications carefully to ensure that the product you choose will fulfil your needs.

It is advisable to choose connectors and glands that are all from the same manufacturer, to ensure that they are compatible and work as efficiently as possible. If it is not possible to buy the type of gland you need from the manufacturer who supplied your existing parts, it may be worthwhile to consider replacing them with new parts from a new manufacturer.

Step Two: Safe Installation

Cable glands should be installed carefully, because adding new components to a system can expose you to dangers like electrical shocks or burns, and also introduce dirt or other substances into the system. In ideal conditions, you should have a qualified technician or engineer install your cable glands on your behalf in order to ensure that the installation is safe and successful.

Preventing the ingress of dirt or foreign bodies is one of the most important ways to prevent problems in the network, so ensure that the area is as clean as possible and any equipment you are using has been sanitised. With that said, you should take care to avoid exposing your cable glands to any solvents or chemicals and ensure that your equipment is dry before proceeding. To avoid the risk of shocks, turn off any electrical equipment and disconnect live wires from the system.

To avoid exposing any wires, measure the cable gland and remove the insulating material around the outside of the cable, leaving one or two millimetres to account for the seal. Remove the nut from the gland and insert the cable, ensuring that the conductors (or the metal sheath in some types of cable) make contact, and then replace the nut and tighten it with a spanner to ensure it remains secure.

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