Almost every modern business utilises network equipment in some way, which means that RJ45 connectors are close to ubiquitous. Known for their versatility and robust performance, these connectors deliver fast connections and reliable data transmission across a wide range of applications.

Finding the right RJ45 connectors for your business means assessing the various models available, before selecting a component that offers the right level of performance and the secure connection you need. This proven technology has been shown to meet the needs of users across multiple sectors, and has quickly become an industry standard.

Here, the Northern Connectors team will introduce you to the basics of what you need to know about RJ45 connectors, and the benefits they can provide for your application.

What are RJ45 connectors, and how do they work?

RJ45 connectors are a type of rectangular connector that are used to link voice and data equipment to each other or back to a central hub. The “RJ” in the name stands for registered jack, and these components are also sometimes known as modular connectors.

Consisting of a pairing of a male RJ45 plug and a female RJ45 socket, these connectors are used in conjunction with Ethernet cables, which carry data along a core that typically consists of four twisted-pair wire strands. The connector separates and terminates these strands into an 8P8C (8 position, 8 contact) configuration to deliver clear and uninterrupted transmission of data.

RJ45 connectors are compact in design, and also incorporate a small plastic tab that helps to prevent the connection from being dislodged, while also differentiating it from other similar-looking connector types. These jacks are highly standardised, in order to ensure full compatibility between different models of network equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

What are industrial RJ45 connectors?

In industrial applications, users will often need additional protection to ensure that their RJ45 connections are not damaged by impact and environmental factors. In these cases, specialised industrial RJ45 housings can be used to deliver a more robust performance.

Industrial RJ45 connectors utilise the same basic patch cables and panel jacks, protected by ruggedised housings that encase the potentially fragile connection. These sturdy shells provide protection against dust and water ingress, with waterproofing performance up to the highest IP69K standard; they also often feature enhanced locking mechanisms, including bayonet and screw locking, to keep the connection fully secure.

With industrial RJ45 products, users can deliver all of the connectivity benefits that the RJ45 standard can provide in any industrial setting, even in rugged environments where waterproofing and impact protection are required.

Industrial RJ45 Connectors

What are RJ45 connectors used for?

RJ45 connectors have become the go-to industry solution for telecoms equipment and data connections, used most commonly to connect internet-capable devices to modems, servers and routers via Ethernet cabling.

The applications of this type of connector are not specialised to any one particular industry, or indeed any group of industries; instead, they are used almost universally in every environment where internet and telecoms capabilities are needed, including domestic as well as commercial environments.

However, manufacturers have also recognised that some industrial settings will inevitably require more robust connectivity solutions than the average home, which is why specifically ruggedised RJ45 connector systems have been developed for industrial use, providing ingress protection for key components even when exposed to the elements.

What are the benefits of RJ45 connectors?

RJ45 connectors have become a ubiquitous industry standard for a wide variety of reasons, giving businesses across the world a reliable means of delivering stable, disruption-free wired data transmission performance.

Here are some of the key advantages that RJ45 connectors provide:

  • Standardised design offers broad compatibility across a wide range of hardware from various different manufacturers, including enterprise-grade and consumer-focused systems

  • Fast and reliable data speeds, with connectors available that are optimised for 100Mbps Ethernet networks or better

  • Strong, stable connectivity, facilitated by in-built fastening tab and accessories such as protection caps

  • Simple to install and remove for ease of setup and configuration

  • Field-specific industrial variations and accessories provide enhanced environmental shielding, including protection against vibration, extreme temperatures, water ingress and other demanding conditions

Most modern organisations are heavily dependent on reliable internet connections to support their daily operations. By investing in the right RJ45 connectors that meet the needs of your application, you can maintain reliable data communications of the highest standard at all times.

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