Binder have recently added 4 and 6 port distribution boxes to their hugely popular 720 series IP67 snap-in connector portfolio.
Binder’s 720 series is made up of low-cost plastic bodied connectors, which feature a quick and easy snap-in locking mechanism that is protected to IP67 when mated. Binder designed this series specifically for use in applications where a simple waterproof connection is needed in harsh environments. 
The distribution boxes will prove a welcome addition for designers and installers looking to connect several devices from a single supply line.
Binder 720 Series Distribution Boxes
Applications will include installations where the need to split/distribute the signal exists. These include;
  • Monitoring systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Distributed heating systems 
  • Data logging equipment
This new addition to the Binder 720 range can be seen in the following extract;
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