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Northern Connectors have supported UK manufacturing for over 30 years and have been successful in supplying suitable connectors and wiring systems into many surveillance applications.

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Northern Connectors are a vital connector supplier to Roga Cables Ltd. They have supported our business with excellent pricing, stock availability and technical support on many projects over the last 5 years.


They are a customer focused company with knowledgeable and friendly staff who will go the extra mile to satisfy our requirements.  

N. Johnstone, Roga Cables Ltd.

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Surveillance and Northern Connectors


Throughout the UK there is a network of surveillance systems controlling and monitoring our behavioural activities 24 hours a day. Northern Connectors supplies connectors and wiring systems that enable these systems to work efficiently and, ultimately, offer more protection.

Surveillance systems are not only designed to monitor our highways through the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPR) and average speed enforcement, but are also instrumental in protecting us from the threat of terrorist activities.

Northern Connectors supplies solutions that are proven in this field of expertise from a range of partners, including:

Surveillance systems are often used in harsh environments including motorways and transportation, where they are repetitively subjected to elements such as dirt, water and grime.

Common products used on surveillance equipment include:

Choosing Northern Connectors

Northern Connectors is committed to finding the right solution for you at the right time. We will work closely with you to make sure the solution is the correct fit and brings the benefits you want.

We can speak to you about product designs on a face-to-face basis if need be, and we will guide you throughout the buying process, giving you all of the information you need to make the right decisions.

Since 1983, we have provided technical expertise, a rapid service and personalised support for all of our customers. We are an ISO 9001-certified business, which means you can rely on quality service from start to finish.

We provide next-day delivery for items we have in stock and a low minimum order value to suit your individual requirements, as well as flexible call-off and scheduled order arrangements.

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If you are involved in the surveillance industry and you would like to know more about the products we supply and how we can help, get in touch today. Call us on 01744 815 001 or complete the online enquiry form on the side of this page and we will give you a call back at a time convenient for you.

Case Study

SurveillanceCA Traffic Ltd. is a leading traffic monitoring company offering a range of vehicle detection and recognition products, together with software systems, ranging from basic pneumatic tube counters through to full ‘real time’ ITS systems which collect and process vehicle data from multiple installations deployed across wide geographical areas.

Products and systems are designed to deliver maximum functionality by integrating the latest sensing and communication technologies to create high quality information and present end users with up to the minute data and intelligence.

The company is dedicated to product development and frequently updates its counter/classifier and ANPR systems to stay in-line with the latest technology and to cater for a wide range of environmental conditions.

Northern Connectors have worked with CA Traffic on a number of occasions through various projects, providing key information and aiding connector selection.

CA Traffic’s rugged ANPR systems are often used in very tough environments where industrial connectivity is essential in resisting ingress which over time could cause system failure.

Connector Series | M16 Signal

Connector Manufacturer | Hummel

Environmental rating | IP67 / IP69K mated

Connector Locking Mechanism | Screw

Termination Types | Crimp

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