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Northern Connectors have supported UK manufacturing for over 30 years and have been successful in supplying suitable connectors and wiring systems into many instrumentation related applications.

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Customer Testimonial

I am writing to your company today to say a very big thank you, I mainly speak to Fran she is such a lovely lady, nothing is too much trouble and your assembly workers are brilliant they have very kindly fitted in many urgent orders for me over the years and always deliver on time.


I love working with your company it is excellent so please say a very big thank you to all your staff, they have done you proud.

C. Woods, Micromech Ltd.

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Instrumentation and Northern Connectors


Industrial instrumentation is typically used with automation processes in manufacturing plants to maintain stability and improve the productivity of a particular process. Northern Connectors supplies the connectors and wiring systems that make this possible.

Measuring instruments such as sensors are placed at a source providing information that is recorded/displayed and in conjunction with a control system react to provide a desired outcome.

Instrumentation is commonly used to display:

  • Temperature
  • Distance
  • Pressure 
  • Level
  • Flow

It also plays an important part with regard to tailoring a wide spectrum of applications.

At Northern Connectors, we supply various connector ranges commonly used throughout this industry, including those manufactured by our partners BinderLumberg AutomationRadiall and Souriau.

Industrial connectivity is used in and around instrumentation technology in order to:

  • Harness the signal
  • Withstand any potential ingress
  • Provide a simple plug and play setup for maintenance upgrades

Choosing Northern Connectors
The UK has always been at the forefront of design and development within this area of expertise and has a wealth of innovative, forward-thinking organisations that look to develop technology to further optimise readings and performance.

At Northern Connectors, we work with a range of partners to make sure the right instrumentation products are available to you. We will guide you throughout the entire buying process and advise you every step of the way.

We have delivered unrivalled technical expertise, a rapid service and personalised support for all our customers since our formation in 1983.

We are an ISO 9001-certified business, so you can rely on quality service from start to finish, while we also provide next-day delivery for items we have in stock, a low minimum order value, and flexible call-off and scheduled order arrangements.

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Case Study

InstrumentationDS Marine Contracting Ltd (DSMC) located in North Yorkshire provides a number of marine construction services to the inland, inshore and offshore sectors.

Employees have a wealth of knowledge and experience in marine environments and related technology. This knowledge has seen the company involved in many UK and oversea marine and subsea applications where their knowledge and expertise has proven pivotal.

DSMC's skill-set includes commercial diving, hydrographic survey / positioning, confined space entry / rescue, Inspection class ROV's, structural maintenance / inspection and client representation.

These types of harsh environments require robust industrial electrical connectivity to ensure that ingress doesn’t cause system failure and interrupt crucial research and readings.

Northern Connectors have supported DSMC on multiple occasions and have seen various industrial connectors play crucial roles in supporting these demanding applications.

High ingress protection is often required in conjunction with a secure and reliable locking system.

Connector Manufacturer | Souriau

Connector Series | UTS Hi-seal

Environmental Rating | IP68/69K (mated & unmated)

Connector Locking Mechanism | Bayonet

Termination Types | Solder Cup

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