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Northern Connectors have supported UK manufacturing for over 30 years and have been successful in supplying suitable connectors and wiring systems into many broadcasting applications. 

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Customer Testimonial

We contacted Northern Connectors with a very unusual enquiry: could they help with connectors for a 48 channel audio system? Nothing was too much trouble with friendly advice and support provided both by email and on the phone. With the order placed the items were with us spot on time.


It was great to get solid advice backed up with real expertise, experience and a thorough knowledge of the options available to us - and not a hint that it was in any way a strange order. My advice: if you're not sure which way to go just ask Northern Connectors!

H. Fairpo, BGTtdE

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Broadcasting and Northern Connectors


Connectors and wiring systems are integral fundamentals in the broadcasting industry and assist with the running of essential equipment, including:

  • Mixing desks
  • Camera systems

These products play a crucial role in allowing this media to be projected to a scope of recipients in an uninterrupted fashion.
At Northern Connectors, we supply numerous connector ranges that are widely used in this industry. These include products manufactured by our various partners, including:

Choosing Northern Connectors
Northern Connectors supports the broadcasting industry with the supply of many connectors and components that are heavily used in this arena. These include those used for design, installation and repair.

Since 1983, we have provided technical expertise, a rapid service and personalised support for all of our customers. We are an ISO 9001-certified business, which means you can rely on quality service from start to finish.

We provide next-day delivery for items we have in stock and a low minimum order value to suit your individual requirements, as well as flexible call-off and scheduled order arrangements.

We can guide you through every step of the buying process, making sure you have the right information at your disposal to ensure you make the best purchasing decisions to meet your specific needs.

Our expert team is available to offer face-to-face guidance should you need it, and we work hard to make sure you receive everything you require on time and to your satisfaction.

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If you are involved in the broadcasting industry and would like to know more about how Northern Connectors can help your company, contact us today and we can discuss your needs in more depth. Simply call us on 01744 815 001 or complete the online enquiry form at the top of this page, which will allow us to give you a call back at a time convenient for you.

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