HARTING Har-flexicon® PCB Connectors

Innovative device connectivity technology for all lifelines of industrial devices - it routes power, data and signals through the side of the device to the PCB.

HARTING har-flexicon® is the miniature SMD connector for the rapid connection of single wires and provides a perfect link between the periphery and PCBs in industrial devices.

HARTING is thereby continuing along the path already taken with the har-flex® of rethinking and methodically optimizing device connectivity technology.


  • IP20
Full Description

Har-flexicon® is the robust PCB termination technology for single wires, with all components well suited for reflow-soldering on the PCB. It offers field assembly with Push-In and, for single wires, insulation displacement termination.

The device connectivity technology is highly innovative and is able to effectively route data, power and signals to the PCB through the side of the device.

Components are available for the termination of industrial devices in the following pitches:

  • 1.27 mm
  • 2.54 mm
  • 3.50/3.81 mm
  • 5.00/5.08 mm

Individual wire rapid connection
Har-flexicon® is fast and simple to use and ideal for the smallest of designs - qualities that are guaranteed thanks to the precise cable manager, IDC and push-in spring-cage termination technology. 

Robust SMD design
A sturdy connection to the PCB is provided by the SMT fixings of Har-flexicon, while pressure on the solder contacts on the connection side can be relieved by the absorption of withdrawal and insertion forces. 

Fully automatic processing
The production of PCBs is simplified and thus improved thanks to the employment of reflow and SMD-solderable components in automated mount and soldering processes.

For a more detailed description of this connector series please see the manufacturers brochure which is available to download above.

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Features & Specification
  • No. of Contacts 2-25
  • Connector Pitch 1.27mm, 2.54mm, 3.50/3.81mm, 5.00/5.08mm 
  • Connection Type Cable/Wire to Board 
  • Current Carrying Capacity Available on Request
  • Termination SMC, SMT, Screw, Cage Clamp
  • Locking Mechanism Push-Fit, Latch
  • Ingress Protection IP20

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