Earlier in the year Binder’s News 2016 brochure introduced many new additions to their ever increasing connector portfolio. 
One of the highlights of the brochure which has stimulated a lot of interest is a RD24 series panel-mount receptacle in a jam-nut style. Previously only a flanged-mount variant had been available.
A jam-nut receptacle requires just one hole to be drilled / cut-out in the panel whereas the flanged option requires three. This cut-out simplification will cater for applications where time/cost is restricted as it can help to speed up the assembly process.     
This new shell type is compact and will open the series up to a wider field of applications.
Features & Specification;
  • Series - 693
  • 3+PE, 6+PE
  • 16 A (12 A UL), 10 A (8 A UL)
  • 400 V (600 V UL), 250 V
  • IP67
  • Screw 
For more information on this range please see the following datasheet; 
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