Real-time data transmission & optimal protection in harsh environments
Modern industrial applications place high demands on the connectors used to implement IP67 protected interfaces. 
It is often necessary to transfer large amounts of data within a very short time for example in measuring systems which carry out dimensional checks and evaluations in production plants during the running process. Here the components are captured via camera systems and the images are transmitted to a computing unit, evaluated in real time, documented and the result sent back to the system in the form of a go/no-go decision. 
Quite often the climatic conditions under which connectors must operate smoothly are very demanding: extreme heat, fine sand on the edge of desert regions, extreme sub-zero temperatures in mountains and humidity in industrial environments.
IP67 RJ45 connectors from CONEC are suitable, for example, for outdoor use in network technology and telecommunications.
The CONEC connector series IP67 RJ45 with bayonet locking is now completely available with Cat 6A performance. Cat 6A enables data rates up to 10 Gbit /s.
In addition to the field-attachable cable connectors and the inline adapters, the modules with PCB for connecting free cables with Cat 6A are now also available.
The IP67 RJ45 Cat 6A connectors with solder termination are available with plastic and zinc die-cast housings, the corresponding IP67 RJ45 Cat 6A Inline adapters with bayonet coupling on both sides with plastic housings. Both versions are designed for front or rear wall mounting with a maximum housing wall thickness of 3.2mm. All Cat 6A products are fully backwards compatible to products with Cat 5e.
Additional protective caps are available to protect the plug against dirt and moisture when unplugged.
Conec RJ45 IP67 Protection Caps

• Compact design
• Quick assembly in the field
• Protection class IP67
• RoHS compliant
• Including protective caps
• Easy assembly
• Transmission rate up to 10 Gigabit with RJ45 Cat 6A

Fields of application
• Automation
• Assembly & production lines
• Building automation
• Communications
• Housing & device connection
• GPS Navigation
• Industrial interfaces
• Cable assembly
• External hard drives in harsh environments
• Medical technology
• Process automation
• Security & monitoring systems
• Telecommunications

The complete Conec RJ45 IP67 range can be seen in the following extract;
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