Souriau Size 16 Stamped & Formed Crimp Contacts

Size 16 crimp contacts are used in a variety of Souriau’s Industrial Connectors including SMS, UTP, UTG, UTS, UT0 and UTL series.

Stamped & formed versions tend to be selected when a price sensitive solution is desired or for high volume automatic production as they can be taken on 3000 piece reels.

Northern Connectors offer a complete range of size 16 stamped & formed contacts from stock with wire gauges ranging from 0.13 to 2.50mm²
Full Description
Souriau size 16 SM (male) & SC (female) 1.6mm pin diameter contacts are two piece strip formed crimp snap-in pin and sockets. 
These contacts consist of a crimp body made of high conductive copper alloy, and a stainless steel retaining spring featuring retention in the housing cavity and a closed entry socket to prevent probe damage.
The contact with open barrel is available as standard from Northern Connectors in singular pieces or packaged on a 3000 piece strip reel. 
This reel packaging combined with semi or even full automatic crimp tooling provides the added advantage of a lower installed cost.
Northern Connectors stock a complete range of Souriau size 16 stamped & formed contacts in both gold flash (S31) and tin plated (TK6) variant with other specialist plating’s available on request.
These contacts have a simple crimp tool system that is used across the whole range of industrial connectivity which consists of a set of handles (part number SHANDLES) and then the relevant turret head for the desired pin/socket.

For a more detailed description of this connector series please see the manufacturers brochure which is available to download above.

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Features & Specification
  • Wire Gauge Min/Max 0.13-2.50mm²
  • Termination Crimp
  • Voltage Determined by connector layout selected
  • Current Determined by connector layout selected
  • Plating S31 Plate = Active part: Gold flash over Ni - Crimp area: Nickel. TK6 Plate = 2-5μ Sn pre-plated
  • Packaging Quantity 50 piece loose packet, 3000 piece reeled
  • Crimp Tool Souriau ‘SHANDLES’ system
  • Extraction Tool Souriau part RX2025GE1

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