Souriau Size 16 Machined Crimp Contacts

Size 16 crimp contacts are used in a variety of Souriau’s Industrial Connectors including SMS, UTP, UTG, UTS, UT0, VGE1/FER1 and UTL series.

Solid machined versions tend to be selected for applications where cost may not be the driving factor and where signal integrity needs to be guaranteed for optimum performance. 

Northern Connectors are able to offer a complete range of Souriau size 16 machined contacts from stock with wire gauges ranging from 0.05 to 2.50mm² 
Full Description
Souriau size 16 RM (male) & RC (female) 1.6mm pin diameter contacts are precision machined crimp snap-in pins and sockets for heavy duty top performance requirements. 
The socket inner spring supplies high contact pressure to ensure low resistance contact between pin and socket. 
The socket contact features closed entry to prevent probe damage. 
Crimp barrels have insulation grips for vibration support and are provided with a wire stop and inspection hole.
Northern Connectors stock a complete range of Souriau size 16 machined crimp contacts with ‘K’ plating (Min 0.4μ gold over 2μ Ni) with other specialist plating’s available on request.
These contacts have a simple crimp tool system that is used across the whole range of industrial connectivity which consists of a set of handles (part number SHANDLES) and then the relevant turret head for the desired pin/socket.

For a more detailed description of this connector series please see the manufacturers brochure which is available to download above.

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Features & Specification
  • Wire Gauge Min/Max 0.05-2.50mm²
  • Termination Crimp, Solder Cup, Dip Solder
  • Voltage Determined by connector layout selected
  • Current Determined by connector layout selected
  • Plating K-Plate = Min 0.4μ gold over 2μ Ni
  • Packaging Quantity 50 piece tubs
  • Crimp Tool Souriau ‘SHANDLES’ system
  • Extraction Tool Souriau part RX2025GE1

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