Souriau Shandles Crimp Tooling for Size 16 & Size 20 Contacts

The Shandles crimp system is a two part crimp tool which consists of a set of handles and an interchangeable turret head.

This crimp system is used across all size 16 (1.6mm) and size 20 (1.00mm) industrial/trim-trio contacts in both stamped & formed and machined format.

Northern Connectors stock a complete range of handles and turret heads along with the crimp contacts to suite.
Full Description

Souriau introduced this new tooling system known as 'Shandles' to offer a simple and convenient setup and to move away from the somewhat dated and expensive tools from previous years.

The tool offers a unique design where a range of crimp heads/turret heads can be quickly interchanged to suite the crimp contact used on that particular application without the need to adjust settings on the tool or switch out components.

To switch out the turret head is a simple process and just requires the user to release two pins, change the head, clip the pins back in and away you go.

Souriau Shandles crimp tool is used in conjunction with industrial connector series SMS, UTP, UTG, UTS, UTL and UT0.

For a more detailed description of this connector series please see the manufacturers brochure which is available to download above.

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Features & Specification
  • Wire Gauge Min/Max 0.05-2.50mm²
  • Construction Handles, Turret head
  • Used with Crimp Contact Size 16 & 20 
  • Used with Crimp Contact Type Machined and stamped & formed
  • Extraction Tools RX2025GE1 (size 16), RX20D44 (size 20)
  • Insertion Tool RTM205

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