Lumberg Automation I/O Systems Active - Modular (LioN-Link Series)

LioN-Link is a modular, decentralized IP67 system for field level applications.

Based on a bus coupler, the I/O modules are distributed independently of the field bus and decentrally via two lines to the field.

Up to 15 modules can be connected per line. A 100 m extension is possible in each case.


  • IP67
Full Description

Bus couplers are available for PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet™ and CANopen® as well as digital I/O modules in 8 I/O universal or 16 I/O universal or 8 I and 16 I variants; there are also analog input modules as well as valve interface components. The digital input and output modules are equipped with universal I/O functionality, which allows the most varied configurations to be implemented as every signal pin can be used both as an input and an output – and without additional configuration.

The LioN-Link modules were developed for process-oriented use.

Thanks to an innovative technological development, the complete production process can be carried out without encapsulation, making LioN-Link modules ideal for use in the smallest handling robots due to their low weight.

All modules are vibration- and shock-proof as well as water-proof in accordance with IP67, which means they can be used in a process-oriented applications. The cordsets to the sensors and actuators can therefore also be shortened. Impermeability is guaranteed for a variety of coolants/lubricants. Critical or unfamiliar agents can be tested in our laboratory for compatibility.

The LioN-Link system offers a cost-optimized wiring solution, due to its field bus-independent I/O modules. The wiring of the LioN-Link modules is performed on the basis of standard wiring components such as CAN-/DeviceNet™ Thin Cables; no special cables such as fiber optic cables or M12 connectors with special plug-in arrangement (six-pole) are required. A terminating resistor is not required for connecting the last LioN-Link module in a line.

Use of standardized components allows a reduction in the variety of part types and simplifies global procurement.

LioN-Link provides a comprehensive portfolio of connection components at the field level. These include components for the control of electric drives, the networking of intelligent sensors and actuators (e.g., proximity switches, motor starters and valves) as well as straightforward retrofitting/conversion of machines.

For a more detailed description of this connector series please see the manufacturers brochure which is available to download above.

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Features & Specification

Standard features:
• Bus-independent I/O modules ensure excellent flexibility and reduced storage costs
• Space-saving, light-weight module for a wide range of applications
• Simplified planning, due to universal I/O modules
• Cost-effective solution – up to 480 I/O’s on one bus coupler
• Quick availability with the use of standardized wiring components
• Easy and safe installation, thanks to color-coded slots
• High degree of reliability, as there are no terminating resistors
• Easy startup and extension of the system, because the modules operate without manual intervention

Customer Benefits
• Cost savings/profit increases
• Simple installation and maintenance: the time required is minimized, since the signals are bundled and transmitted via the field bus
• Flexibility: all standard field bus systems are supported
• Reliability: fail-safe modules with long service life (long-term stability)
• Competitive edge, owing to simple procurement of spare parts via world-wide sales network

Product Features
• Up to 15 devices per line, each with a 100 m extension
• Up to 30 I/O modules are possible on a bus coupler (480 signals)
• Analog and digital modules
• Variants for special applications (valve terminals, motor controllers, etc.)
• Field bus-independent I/O modules
• Additional network extension without repeater possible at maximum speed
• No terminating resistor needed

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