Mennekes Chemical Resistant Combination Units (AMELAN®)

Heavy-duty IP44 and IP67 Combination Units made from chemical resistant AMELAN® plastic.

Mennekes combination units constructed from the special harsh environment AMELAN® plastic allow for use in environments where there is an increased risk of exposure to corrosive substances and a variety of chemicals.


  • IP44
  • IP67
Full Description

Mennekes chemical resistant combination units made from AMELAN® plastic are highly effective when used in harsh environments.

AMELAN® plastic boasts excellent resistance to a range of chemical substances. The plastic is known for its incredible dimensional stability, while it boasts a strong combination of thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. As a result these combination units are often seen in areas such as food processing and chemical plants.  

Among other substances AMELAN® is resistant to;

  • Oils & Fats
  • Fuels
  • Cleaning Fluids
  • Sea water
  • Detergents
  • Dilute acids & alkelines 

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Features & Specification
  • Enclosure Material AMELAN® (chemical resistant) 
  • Ingress Protection IP44, IP67
  • Colour Black & Grey
  • International Standards British, French/Belgian, Danish, Swiss, NEMA (USA & Canada)
  • Equipped with CEE sockets from 16A, 3p up to 63A, 5p, grounding type sockets in acc. With many national standards, DUO sockets switched and interlocked from 16A, 3p up to 32A, 5p as well as fuse elements.


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