Water Technology

Northern Connectors supplies a wide range of connectors to various applications within the water technology industry.


What is water technology?

Water is an incredibly precious commodity. Not only is it relied upon by the rising population, but its widespread use in industry means there has been a shift to innovation in order to maintain efficiency and reduce waste.

Items used within water technology, such as intelligent monitoring equipment, give authorities the means to manage the water industry by highlighting where improvements can be made. This helps to minimise losses and regulate usage in particular areas.


The role that connectors play

In recent years, there has been higher investment in the water industry that has led to the development of advanced monitoring equipment. In harsh environments, the risk of ingress can be high, which can lead to major disruption. It is incredibly important that suitable connector systems are incorporated into the design.


Recommended connectors

Some of the most popular ranges used in this type of environment include:


Choosing Northern Connectors

Northern Connectors represents a number of key manufacturers of rugged and waterproof connector systems, offering IP67, IP68 and IP69K ingress protection in both mated and unmated state.

Our team can guide you through the buying process from start to finish, and will provide the advice you need to make an informed purchasing decision.


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