Robotics is an increasingly interesting and important field of engineering. In 2017, Saudi Arabia recognised a robot as a citizen, with human rights for the very first time in history. Away from sophisticated robots, robotics can be deployed on construction lines to automate rudimentary tasks.


Northern Connectors supplies connectors for numerous robotics applications, and if you need assistance selecting the correct connector, we are happy to help.


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What is robotics?

It is a branch of engineering that entails the design, manufacture and operation of robots. It overlaps with several other disciplines including; computer science, electronics, artificial intelligence and mechatronics. Originally a science-fiction dream, robotics is a rapidly-expanding field with technology that has the potential to transform the way we live, work, and exist as a society.


The benefits of robotics include:


  • Robots are more precise and consistent than human workers because they never tire

  • Routine tasks can be completed faster with robots than human workers

  • Capability to work in any environment, including handling hazardous or toxic materials

  • Potential to lift heavier loads than humans

  • All of these factors help to reduce accidents in the workplace, saving time and money


The role of connectors in robotics

Connectors play an important role in many different robotics applications. The main application areas are personal and industrial service. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular applications below:


Personal service

  • Domestic robots - robotics that focus on performing rudimentary tasks in a domestic environment

  • Education robots - tools used to deliver education to those that are studying

  • Home security and surveillance robots - machines designed to observe and maintain security around the area of your home.


Industrial service

  • Military robots -Machines that have a military application, for instance predator drones and the Boston Dynamics BigDog

  • Underwater and pipeline exploration - specialist robots with a focus on providing analysis and exploration of underwater locations

  • Medical robots - machines that provide a range of medical functions, for instance surgical assistance.


Our connectors in use

Most UK robotic applications import robots into the UK from overseas, mainly Asia and Europe.


Northern Connectors plays an integral role in the supply chain and often supports subcontractors and maintenance teams who need guidance in selecting suitable connectivity to get these up and running and to tie in with their equipment & technology.    


Recommended connectors

Choosing Northern Connectors

Northern Connectors supplies industrial connectivity for a range of robotic applications, split across many different industries. Our team can help you throughout the purchase process, offering you insight and details of what you need to ensure you make the correct purchase decisions for you and your business.


We’re proud to offer a face-to-face service to ensure you get the right product to resolve your robotics requirements.


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