LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming an increasingly popular method of energy saving, and the low maintenance and long-lasting nature of this lighting option means it offers a number of benefits to businesses. Northern Connectors supplies industrial connectivity to various lighting applications, and we can point you in the right direction when it comes to products.


What is LED lighting?

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, lighting is a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. This type of lighting represents the latest technology in energy efficient lighting, reducing carbon footprint by as much as 70% in environments that previously used conventional lighting technology.

As well as considerable energy savings, LED lighting offers:

  • A low maintenance solution

  • Durability - utilising semiconductor material instead of a filament or neon gas, making them much sturdier than traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes.

  • A range of vivid colours

  • Improved safety compared to other lighting devices that utilise semiconductor material instead of a filament or neon gas.


The role that connectors play

Connectors play an important role in many different lighting applications involving LEDs. These have been detailed below:

  • LED downlights

  • Solar powered LED lights - have the capability of getting power from sunlight, making them ideal for use in places where power lines are not available.

  • LED traffic lights - LED lights are becoming increasingly popular in traffic signal applications due to their high efficiency, low power consumption and long life.

  • RGB LED colour mixing

  • MR16 LED lamp - widely used in shops, decorative lighting and other applications. Traditional halogen MR16 lamps are limited by their high power consumption and heat generation, along with low efficiency.

  • Smart LED mining lamp - due to potentially hazardous conditions in mining, an effective monitoring system is vital for ensuring the safety of miners. LEDs are becoming an increasingly popular method of lighting in mining.

  • High bay lighting - significant savings can be made on the control circuitry, particularly in larger buildings where the control cable would otherwise need to be long enough to reach the operator.

  • LED street lighting - high-power LEDs have a number of advantages, including efficiency, power saving and cold start. The long life of LEDs means the cost of maintenance is reduced considerably.

Our connectors in use

Northern Connectors recently helped one supermarket save hundreds of thousands of pounds on their energy bills with a project that saw them replace existing cross-aisle lighting with LED equivalents.


Recommended connectors

Souriau SMS Series (Quick Mating Connectors)

Souriau UTL Series

Souriau UTS Series


Choosing Northern Connectors

Northern Connectors supplies industrial connectivity into a number of different lighting applications, in both stable and harsh environments. We can provide assistance throughout the entire buying process, offering the information you need to help you make the right purchase decisions, purchasing only the right products for you and your business.

We can offer a face-to-face service to ensure you receive the solutions that will give you the best available benefits.


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